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Endo Diet + Avoiding Estrogen Imbalance......Do these work?

Hope everyone is doing well :) my post today is regards two things; the Endometriosis diet and avoiding man-made products that can cause estrogen imbalances.

First off, I've encountered a lot testimonies that swear by the endometriosis diet. Roughly it entails cutting out red meat, gluten and sugar. What I'm really curious to know is, has anyone had any success with it on here? What have your results been?

I would like to know the same about cutting out products that contain sulphates, parabens etc. Has anyone experienced any differences with their endo my monitoring and cutting back on these?

I'd be super grateful if anyone could get back to me, I find this so confusing.

Rachel x

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I can only speak for myself. I find that if I drink caffeine or alcohol, my pain levels rise. I cut out red meat anyhow because of other health-issues, but I do find that even if I have a bit of bacon, I can feel the pain increase. Being on the endo diet helps me feel better, but it is only marginally. I still need painkillers and I am still going to have to get surgery to get the endo removed, but every little bit helps, in my opinion. So while it is not a cure, or a solution, it's a small step to alleviate the pain (or keep it from getting worse).


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