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bladder pain?


So I have endo and last night I barely slept due to actual pain in my bladder. I couldn't take the day off work because my boss is evil, so I am now sitting in the office almost on the verge of tears because of the pain. I have taken ibuprofen and menefamic acid but it doesn't seem to help much. The pain is like someone is stabbing my bladder, repeatedly. I don't think its a UTI as I have no trouble going to the toilet or and urges to go, also it doesn't hurt when I have to go, only when I don't. Does anybody know what this could be and how to make it better? any help is greatly appreciated xx

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Hi Romina

I am sorry to hear that you are having a hard time, my work is so stressful to and I am currently in the process of finding something else.

Regarding your pain you most likely have a Urine infection I get so many of them its annoying and when I clear one within 2 weeks I get another. I have constant urges to urinate but cant and when I do it is so painful and get back and tummy ache.

I started taking strong concentrated cranberry tablets and over time my urine infections have eased a bit I do not get as many as I use to so maybe you should try also taking these, it does take at least 12 weeks to start working but once they done they have helped a lot. x

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Thank you so much for your reply. I had urine infections in the past but nothing as painful as this, also I have no trouble urinating and I don't get any urges, so do you think a urine infection can still be there without those symptoms?

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It could be there without the symptoms although I think with Urine infections you do get symptoms I mainly get like cystitis like symptoms I hate them they are so annoying especially the constant urge to urinate does my head in and does works head in to cause I am constantly going to the bathroom and they think they I am constantly skiving grrr x

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The main reason I had doubts about it is because I as well am constantly in the toilet when I have a urine infection whilst today I have been twice since I woke up this morning at 7. I guess it is possible though that this is just a new "version" of it. I am going to wait until tomorrow then go to my GP if I am still in pain. Thank you for your advice xx

I try to drink cranberry every day just to help I have endo on bowel bladder and inside my uterus so like u get many infections I also use the stick on cura heat patches which are ment for back pain, I stick them to the outside of my knickers and its 8hrs instant relief like fixed hot water bottle, hope this helps


HI, thanks for your reply. Turns out I don't have an infection and I am waiting for a scan now, but I will definitely try the heat patches again.xx

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