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Post surgery Endo options?

Hello all,

I'm new to this but was hoping for some advice or fellow sufferers experience. About two weeks ago I had treatment for endometriosis and ovarian cytst. It's too early to tell how the treatment has panned out or wether it's worked etc.

My main query is what to do next? I've had dr's half heartedly suggest the combi pill. But is this the way to go? I saw a gp this morning to try find out options and left pretty dissatisfied. Who can I talk to about it? I'm not keen on taking hormones has anyone tried more homeopathic meothods? And if the pill is the way forward which brand to use? So many questions sorry! Anything will be useful.

Holly x

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I totally get what your saying ive posted that myself in another forum.

Im 11 wks post op and have had two periods since.

Im turning myself inside out wondering whether to do this naturally and come what may,or feel im being pushed into the pill which changes a lot of things in your system too and no guarantees there.

I would like to hear from people who have gone with their own cycle and how long did they get between ops etc.

My gut feeling is i dont want the pill at 42 again i stopped at 29 a d thought i waz done with that hey.



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