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Post Laproscopy questions

Hi, I had my first Laproscopy on Friday no endometriosis was found, I have a couple of questions if anyone can help.

I've been getting sharp stabbing pains around my left ovary is this normal?

I have had no bloating at all, I was expecting after the gas they put in I would be slightly bloated,

When are you able to drive?

Thanks Lou.x

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I had all kinds of pains after my lap that took a few weeks to settle down properly but I had endo excised. I didn't really have any bloating either but was quite uncomfortable with gas pains for a few days. My consultant said I couldn't drive for 2 weeks after but I'm not sure if this is the same for everyone xx


Keep an eye on the pain but am sure it's just your body healing itself, it takes much longer for the inside to heal than it does the outside. I had quite bad bloating not sure why you don't maybe that much air didn't get trapped during the surgery!

On driving maybe after 2/3 weeks? Xx


Thanks for your replies I will keep an eye on my pain, I now keep getting pain down my right leg. I'm due to ovulate this week so going to be in agony with that as well as recovering from the Laproscopy.


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