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BSGE and Laparoscopies

What exactly happens in a BSGE centre and are they only for people with "severe" endometriosis? I'm not sure whether to ask for a referral at my next gynae appointment. I keep reading horror stories about laparoscopies going badly wrong and that BSGE surgeons should only really be trusted. I'd be really grateful if anyone could shed light on any of this. X

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Basically a BSGE registered surgeon has had much more training in minimally invasive surgery and they are more experienced with recognising all presentations of endo.

If you want a referral to a centre you would need to go back to GP for it. Good luck.


I pushed for a referral to a BSGE centre after reading about issues people had with general gynaes treating endo. I opted for UCLH who do have some criteria for referrals listed on their website but I think you can get a referral to most centres of ending is suspected.


Thanks! I only have suspected endo right now, but I may request a bsge referral if my next gynae appointment ends up being a complete shambles again. This is helpful x


Hi, I have been seeing my general gyny for suspected endo, not diagnosed as yet, and like you after reading on here considered going to bsge centre. I asked my gyny for a referral and have got my appointment next Tuesday. I don't think it is just for people with "severe" endo as like I have said I haven't been diagnosed and I have got an appointment. If you and your gyny think it is endo I would ask for a referral. All the best x

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