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I had my 1st consultation at Bsge centre end of January where it was decided I'd have 3 months worth Prostap injections in prep for excision surgery for severe endo. My GP needs to have it in writing from the centre before these can go ahead but they still haven't had any letter! I keep getting voicemals promising me they'd sent it at least twice and it should be there etc etc. I've been chasing both the centre and GP and it really isn't my job to do this. Over a month and no letter..really doesn't fill me with confidence if they can't even get that right.

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  • Hi. Could you possibly go and collect the letter from the centre yourself or ask for it to be emailed to you? It's not great that they can't do this and leaves you waiting for treatment in the meantime. I would call the centre again and again and ask them to send you a copy aswell as the doctors. That way you could always pop into the doctors and give them your copy. Hope you get this sorted soon! Xx

  • Hello. Thanks for reply. My letter came thru yesterday lol after all. But all the phone calls it took I had to make a pest of self to get it done...It was typed over a mth ago so God knows. The hospital is nowhere near me see. Xx

  • do you have a surgery date yet? I am on prostap pre surgery at the moment and my bsge centre wouldn't tell the gp to start it until I had a confirmed date. In the end with all the fannying around it was started late so i will only have been on it for 9 weeks when I have the surgery but the consultant didn't seem too bothered by this. In the end it was done at the bsge clinic rather than by the gp.

  • Hi. How are you finding the prostap? My letter appeared by magic yesterday! It's in September so that's what got me thinking as in theory I should probably start them in June otherwise everything will have calmed down between now and May only for me to have another 3/4 periods trashing my bowels all over again. Xxx

  • it's pretty rough TBH as I am having to have it without HRT but I went into menopause in week 3 and haven't had bleeding since then, which is the longest I've gone without bleeding in a long time. That said, I am pretty anxious about the surgery this time round as I'm having a hysterectomy so some of it is just stress. Still better than cerazette though.

  • I bet it's been a relief not having periods for a bit. I'm having bowel nodulectomy and excision eventually. Also very nervous and worried about having a bag...I might end up having a hysterectomy at some point,I don't feel ready yet but it might be out of my hands by time of surgery. Al the best I'm sure you'll feel much better I keep reading med reports sayino quality of life improves for most after endo surgery xx

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