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Really worried and need advise!!

Hi there,

I am currently on a stage 2 for my sickness due to my endometriosis and at the meeting where stage 2 was decided, ideas were raised as to what could be helpful to reduce my sick level etc...1 thing that was agreed was that as I work part time I could swap my working days, for example if I was too unwell to come in on Tuesday, come in and work the Thursday instead, I have had to do this on various occasions..but have always made sure my hours were made up, since the stage 2 decision I have had 1 day classed off as sick. The stage 2 monitoring period finishes at the end of beginning of August.

I get told today by my manager that I have to attend an 'informal' meeting with a senior manager to discuss my sickness, and told that I can contact my union if I wish (which I have done but so far haven't heard back yet), and when I received meeting request I saw a HR person was also named on there...if it's an informal meeting why are they bringing HR and advising me to contact the union??!!

And there was mention of sending me to occ health again, which was done last year...I don't know what to do, and am so so worried and scared that I'm going to lose my job!! I have been there for 7 years.

Just seems so unfair, I'm trying my best. In the past I have helped the business out by moving office and swapping my days and child care but seems that means nothing!

Please advise if u can.

Many Thanks for taking the time to read this xxx

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Don't worry too much this is a corporate process you've just hit a trigger try and gain as much evidence or info you have on your condition I.e hospital letters reports etc and if you go back to occupational health request a consideration of disability so it will not affect you're sickness records xxx


I am so sorry to hear that you are going through this, I work in a go surgery, have been there 3 years in July , a couple of months into my job I was hospitalized Tec and the pain has got worse, I've had 7 months of hormone injections which worked, they finished april, I had seen the consultant and we agreed for me to have a hysterectomy, work were aware, due to the injections finishing and the pain coming back ten fold, I was there a week then my Dr put me on sick unroll my op in August, I never felt supported just knew people were passed of with me for being off,then I received an email from them asking for permission to send a referral off for me to have an occupational health assessment, I was angry annoyed upset everything, well I had it on Tuesday and do you know what she was brilliant, everything was in my favour and apparently I would be classed as disabled, I don't know what is going to happen with my job but I know what your going through and how your feeling,if you want to chat just message me ok.

Sending hugs, x


Hi - perhaps the most important issue is whether you are getting the proper care regarding your endo. What is the situation?


Hi Guys,

Thank u all so much for your responses. Situation is I try and control my pain with pain killers

I do see gynae, I have had previous surgeries and been on zoladex and had the coil for years.

My hubby and I have been trying to conceive for a while and it hasn't happened, gynae were hoping it would have done by now, so next thing will be another lot of surgery to see if that improves my chances and reduces my pain. My consultant was a bit annoyed with my work as he said he is seeing this a lot more now , problems with employers because of endometriosis and he himself said, not enough is out there and known about this condition! And said my employers could contact him if they wish to. xx



I am too heading for a stage 2 sickness in work if i go off again before my op is done.I have just returned last week and i must say HR and my line manager have been amazing so far.When i went too see oc health a few months ago they haven't recognized it came under the equal disability act and my HR adviser said she would over rule that and she put it into writing for me.She also relaxed my trigger stages as it is an ongoing sickness with myself.She has also extended my pahse return to work for 8 weeks as i am struggling to do full days so i am now working half days at the moment.I hope your job will be ok if i was in your situation i would stay off now until having the op done if you are having an operation.

It seems so unfair what we have to go trough on times but i hope your job will be safe.

Why don't you ask if you can do a few half days and that way then you may be able to cope a bit better.

I don't know what will happen to myself after my phase return to work finishes but i am sure they will be helpful just to keep me in work.

Well take care and dont let them bully you into going back until you are ready.

Sharon xx


Hi hun

Try not to worry to much. I am in the same boat. I work for the NHS, the same NHS that have gotten me into this situation by missing alot of endo years ago. I'm getting treated at a different trust now and he's fab. Anyway I had my stage 2 meeting on Tuesday this week with my line manager and hr were there. They have both been amazing and very understanding. I have been off work since Feb. Had my last lap done in march and had bladder surgery yesterday so off for a while yet.

They said to me not to worry about anything they just have to follow the policy for everyone and treat everyone the same. They just tell you to take a member of the union to back you up but I have never needed to.

I am going back on a phased return when I go back and also probably looking at reducing my hours permanently or at least for the next 12 months as doubt I would manage my full hours. Least we are still trying our best to work girls. Sending hugs xx

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