The Mighty Itch

Hello Ladies,

Sorry that my first post is so direct but I wondered if anyone suffered from HORRENDOUS vaginal itching? I get episodes of it that are so intense I have to implement some serious self control to not itch down there! Which can be not only extremely uncomfortable but also embarrassing. I just wanted reassurance that I am not alone with this, and if anyone can recommend any soothing tips.

I'm on chemical menopause with HRT so think that is the cause and I'm hoping it will subside after my hysterectomy. 

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  • Since I been on Zoladex injections and HRT this has happened to me! At times the itching can drive me insane. The only thing that soothes it is slapping loads of my sons moisturiser on he gets for his eczema, which is perfume free and for sensitive skin. 

  • I recommend Replens which you can buy on Boots or maybe get on prescription. Hope this helps!

  • Ahh that is horrid.  I have had that with reoccurring thrush-not fun! One of the symptoms of menopause is vaginal dryness which can make you itchy, I suspect this could be what you are experiencing.  Talk to the pharmacist for some over the counter relief xx

  • Coconut oil really good I had to take abx for a year once and used it a a lot to stop getting thrush or anything. 

  • Hi.  Just a thought in addition to those already mentioned.  Have you checked it out with your GP or Nurse Practitioner, as vaginal itching can be a symptom of other health concerns?

  • Definitely get the itching checked out by your GP or Nurse Practitioner.  However I had this whilst on Zoladex and have it again post hysterectomy and oopherectomy.  I use Multigyn gel and the Multigyn Flora Plus tubes at night.  It does help,

  • Since you are already on HRT, you can try the following to prevent yourself from the mighty itch:

    •A change in diet by including Omega 3 found in salmon, sardines, safflower, soy, walnuts, flax and fortified eggs. This helps to create the skin’s oil barrier which keeps the skin hydrated.

    •Hydrate yourself well by drinking plenty of water all through the day

    •Moisturise yourself well with petroleum jelly and mineral oils. Make sure to exfoliate in order to remove the layer of the dead skin so that the moisturiser can penetrate the skin.

    •Avoid hot baths and showers as they tend to strip the body of the natural oils. Shorter baths with warm water should be taken.

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