Itchy lady bits - endo?

Hi ladies. I'm not sure if this has any relevance to endo, but I've been very itchy in the lady department for years. I've been back and forth to the doctors, it's not thrush as there is no discharge, it's just a scratchy feeling to one side. I started to get red spots on my legs so went to a dermatologist, together we came to the conclusion it could be lichen planus. The itch happens at least once a week, sometimes for a few days sometimes just for one day. I have a steroid cream that I try and use as little as often. I just wondered if anyone else with endo has this issue? Or if anyone has any advice on what it could be and any help? Thanks in advance x

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Hi, do you take any hormones? I had this but it got much better after having the Mirena. I concluded that it was probably the result of oestrogen dominance. But that's just my idea.

It was such a relief when it went away. I now only end it at the end of a period.

I hope you find an answer.

Thanks for your reply. I don't take any hormones, never have. Did you find it was worse at certain times of the month? I'm currently TTC so don't think the mirena would be an option right now.

Yes, I think it did get worse just before and after my period. That's partly what led me to think that its related to hormones.

I often simply felt dry. There are various moisturisers you can use down there. I wouldn't recommend the ones from the GP which seem full of things that might make the itching worse. The best thing I've found is the water based stuff from Yes Yes Yes. I know silly name. But it's good stuff. Based on aloe vera.

It could be something as simple as a sensitivity to the elastic in your underwear. It doesn't sound like an endo symptom to me.

Thanks for your reply. Yeah I've thought this might be it. So try to stick to cotton only but it still happens 🙈

I've had this, still suffer and have done for about 2 years! I'm not sure if it's linked to endo but it definitely flares up with the pain and regardless of what pants I wear/shower gel I use, nothing makes it go - at one point it was so itchy and swollen I couldn't even wear clothes or walk! I was given steriod cream which didn't help, and then a stronger steriod cream which seems to have done the trick, but now I'm taking hormones it seems to have flared back up again! It's deffo something I'd mention because I didn't think it was a thing til the gynaeocologist went to check and said it was so sore and swollen that the vagina enterance was basically swollen shut!

Just a thought- do you wash your lady bits with soap or body wash? Those can upset the body's natural pH balance. Washing with water is much healthier for the vagina. I have sensitive skin and cannot use soap because it leaves my skin itchy, dry and sore. Maybe try washing (entire body, not just vagina) with water only for a week or two.

No I don't use soaps or body wash down there, Just water.

I have this problem, I have been diagnosed with vulval pain syndrome/vulvodynia... washing with certraben has helped but nothing has totally got rid of the symptoms. I have seen a gynaecologist a dermatologist, a psychotherapist and most recently a neurologist! The neurologist said that when you have experienced chronic pain your brain interprets normal touch (e.g. Your underwear touching you) as something that can induce pain and discomfort. I have been prescribed medication which is meant to reprogramme your nerve endings so that your pain dampeners begin working again. Currently taking a drug called gabopentin (that might not be how you spell it!) and that does seem to be having some effect, and doesn't have horrendous side effects like other things I've tried, apparently you have to give it a few months to feel full effect. I don't have a proper period as have a mirena but the itching/soreness is definitely worse before and after my period. On top of endo symptoms it's a nightmare so can totally sympathise... 🙁

Had issue with sanitary towels, became really sensitive after years of use, then it just became a vicious cycle not settling down in between times. After trying all different types of brands currently use Kotex.😕 Really very unpleasant.

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