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Lap anxiety

I had my pre op today and the nurse said I seemed really anxious (which I am). I was diagnosed with anxiety last week due to this. I was nearly in tears because I'm so terrified! Anyway... I've been told I'm not allowed anyone with me on the day and even when I said pleaseeeee I've still been told no! I'm on the verge of cancelling now because I'm getting so anxious and worked up about the surgery and when I'm on my own it makes it worse. Alone got any advise?

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I had my first lap on 16th April and I was exactly the same prior to it, I was terrified.  I was nearly in tears at my pre-op too and probably every day leading up to the lap.  I can honestly say it was not as bad as I was expecting it to be and am so pleased I had it done as i finally got these pains diagnosed and the endo removed.  Please try not to worry, you will be absolutely fine. Maybe speak to the anethitist on the day and see if they can give you something to calm you down before hand.  Try not to worry x


I asked the nurse if they would give me anything and she said no I have to ask my GP. So I've phoned them and I can't get an appointment in time for the op. I think my problem is when I was a student I worked on gyne surgery. I've seen the other side of it. I know too much :(


I know it's hard but please try not to worry too much. I had my boyfriend come with me the day I had my lap but he had to leave once they took me down to the ward. I was the last to be seen out of 4 girls which was annoying, but the time went surprisingly quickly. You will be busy talking to the nurses, taking blood pressure, urine sample for pregnancy test, answering health questions, then getting into your gown and stockings. This all took up half of the waiting time for me. I would take a good book, music to listen to, magazines, calm colouring books to keep you busy whilst you wait. I ended up feeling quite relaxed in my big fluffy dressing gown and slippers watching This Morning as I was the only one in the waiting room in the end. The anaesthetics are trained to keep you calm and distract you by asking you lots of questions about yourself. Mine were great and kept me feeling relaxed the whole way through. They kept me distracted so much that before I knew it I was waking up blurry eyed from the anaesthetic. I was in no pain after the surgery and it only took an hour to complete. They then give you a nice mug of tea and biscuits :). I would advise you not to cancel as it really isn't as bad as we all think. Perhaps try breathing exercises such as yoga to help calm your anxiety. It really helps me :) good luck and let us know how you get on xxx

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I was very anxious before my lap, I was in tears on the way to the hospital.  when we arrived my husband was not able to come in to the waiting room with me so he kind of just dropped me off. I continued to blub on and off til they took me down to theatre. Felt a bit silly but I couldn't control it and I guess they have seen it before. I fell asleep very quickly and the whole procedure was really not that bad. I need surgery again and even though I know it's not so bad I will prob be the same again. I'm just a sensitive soul I guess. Don't cancel the op as you will prob end up regretting this. It really is not so bad. Good luck x


Thank you for your replies ladies. My GP has now prescribed me something to take on the morning to make me more relaxed so I feel a bit better now. It's more fear of the Unknown! I'll probably wake up and think "what was all the fuss about" x


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