I have possible adenomyosis after having a scan last year,I had a mirena coil fitted in December which helped with the bleeding but not the pain,so I have been given a course of zoladex for 3 months I had my first injection last Monday,if this works I am told the next step is a hysterectomy I have read a lot of posts with people going through this,but I wondered if anyone has been given other options? I am 47 so my family is complete.

Thanks treez

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  • Hi Hun, just want to wish you luck with the Zoladex and hope you get some relief.

  • Hi

    Thanks really hope this works too and hopefully not too many nasty side effects  (the lists pretty long).I hope your recovery is going well I hope you manage to get pain free and back to normal soon.

    All the best treez

  • Hi Jean

    I hope your well and getting some relief at last😊😊😊😊,I know you have had zoladex and had some nasty effects but I wanted to ask how long it took for you to feel some relief from the pain I know were all different you really don't no what to expect only had hot flushes so far fingers crossed won't have to many more.

    Take care treez

  • Hi Hun, the first month for me was horrible but by the second injection 98% of the pain was gone. Just had the occasional twinge from endometrioma. Hope you're well.

  • Hello,

    I also have an adenomyosis diagnosis (that sounds funny!) following an MRI and am due a diagnostic laparoscopy soon to check for endo.

    I was told my treatment options are Prostap injections, along with HRT, and if that brings relief from symptoms, the next step is hysterectomy.

    I haven't found an alternative course in all of the reading I've done so far...

    Apparently there was fluid present in my uterus but I'm not really sure what that means... Did you have anything similar?



  • Hi

    No just suspected adenomyosis from my ultrasound, I think it's only recently that the scans can pick it up previous to that it would only be found after a hysterectomy I was hoping that there was an alternative to the hysterectomy as I know I can only have the zoladex for 3 months  (some people are on it much longer )but that will depend on the hospital.like you I have been doing lots of reading to hopefully find alternatives.


  • Looks like we'll have to keep on researching...



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