Ovulation pain?

I have been seeing a gynaecologist as I have been suffering with severe ovulation pain, my periods are also a lot more painful then they have ever been although very short and light.  I have been told that the ovulation pain isn't a symptom of endometriosis but she is going to do a laparoscopy to rule it out, I have had MRI and ultrasound scans which has shown nothing. I'm just wondering if it is worth going through with the laproscopy. Has anyone experienced ovulation pain as part of their endometriosis? Thanks in advance 

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I have severe pain around ovulation at the moment because I have an 8x6cm endometrioma (is due to be removed during my laparoscopy in August). I'd never had pain with ovulation before and I have severe endo. I think it's very possible that pain around ovulation is due to endo. In my view it would be worth having the laparoscopy to potentially find out what is causing your pain X

It's so frustrating, I'm assuming if I had a endometrium it would have shown up on one of my scans. If no endometriosis she wants to put me on injections to stop ovulation.x

My gynae at the specialist centre specifically asked if I suffer with ovulation pain as this is a key place it is found. I suffer terribly and in all honesty the pain with ovulation is worse than my period pain. Good luck 🍀 x

I'm the same, I am in agony every month much worse then period pains and then I'm left feeling tender for days afterwards, it's really getting me down I can't see how it can be normal to be in this much pain. Do you have endometriosis babyd75?x


Yes I have and adenomyosis. It's just horrendous. I've been taking codeine for years now but the side effects can be unpleasant so I've been brave this month and just used simple paracetamol. My bsge consultant offered me prostap but I've declined due to a family history of brittle bone disease and heart problems. I've researched a treatment called visanne but I'm not sure it's available in the UK, will ask at my nxt appointment :) x

I get moderate to severe ovulation pain and my gyno (specialist endo) didn't think that was surprising at all with my conditions (adeno and endo). 

I have the exact same issues right now. I went off the BC Pill 2 1/2 months ago and have been in pain since. I have ovulation pain that lasts two weeks before ovulation and a week after. It starts off with sharp stabbing pain, then a pressure build up with back pain. Once that is over with ovulation. I have to heal from the follicle bursting as my whole abdomen swells and is inflamed. My period feels like my overies are going to explode.

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