Exercise after laparoscopy?

I had a laparoscopy on the 21st March, my recovery was fine and they only made an incision in my belly button and one the right side. I feel fine, energy levels are back up (and better as they removed some endo), I've had my period and my incision sites don't hurt. 

Am I ok to exercise again or do I need to leave it at least 6 weeks? I normally run and some forms the odd gym session. 

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  • It should be ok but start off gently to begin with and listen to your body . It will tell you if you're not ready.

  • Hi dbelle,

    I was told 6 weeks and your almost there,personally I would follow medical advice and when you do start again go gently at first. Maybe just check with dr .

  • Hi dbelle,

    I had a lap done last year that was a bit more complicated than yours, since I had four incisions total. It took me at least a month to feel back to more or less normal... I also run a few days a week and asked the doctor about when I could start again. She said that after about 5-6 weeks, I could start walking and slowly jogging... your body tells you what it can or can't do. I wouldn't do a full on workout yet, but I think you can ease yourself into exercise again slowly.

    Hope this helps.

  • I think waita little longer. I run and do weight training and was told 6 weeks. The wounds may look ok on the outside but its a deep incision and most exercise involves your core.  Ultimately you cant see how well its healed further in so its a risk. 

    Give it more time and start back slowly . Mayb go for a nice walk? 

  • Thanks for the advice everyone, I've been on plenty of long walks in the last couple of weeks, and I try to talk a lunchtime walk on my lunchbreak too. I might just do a slow jog around the block this week, its only about 10-15 minutes, and short enough walk home if I can't manage it x

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