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A leap into the unknown

Well yesterday afternoon saw the start of my period *yuk* and well the start of better times I hope...

I had absolutely no idea I was due, I'm very irregular so it was no surprise, but a new 'symptom' I'm 100% certain I have had IBS for the last week and as soon as my period started all of the activity stopped and the gerd/reflux settled down immediately!

At that point, for those first glorious 5 minutes of having a period and zero pain, literally in the space of a blink of the eye I was hit by a massive wave of pain which stuck and hasn't moved since.

In those mili-seconds it took for that wave of pain to engulf me I had the strangest most perfect clarity of my entire life and I decided I need to grow some balls, man up and take control of my life, I CAN do this I've got to stop being so fussy, how can I pick and choose what food I don't want to eat, this pain is literally the tipping point for me. New cycle, new diet! Give it a whole month and see what happens next time :)

My hastily written plan starts today, I dragged myself to the shop and I had a slow walk back, which was pleasant  minus the rain it would have been lovely, the hubby carried SO much stuff home, we live 4 mins door to door from the shop, I'll do a list at the bottom, its everything I intend to eat for the next month but just a few days worth lol I'm not that insane, I've added a meal too...I'm now gonna eat breakfast and tea I NEVER EVER eat breakfast so this is a big step for me I'm a picker and one big meal usually.

Chicken Breast

Cholesterol control flora spread

Skimmed milk

Spray light oil

Baked Beans

Sea salt (in a grinder)

Low salt soy sauce

2x flavoured tea bags (unbleached bags)

Muesli (no added sugar)

Corn Tortillas

Flavoured sparkling water


Romaine lettuce

Corn on the cob


Baking potatoes

2x berries





Bell peppers

Green beans

Onion, spring onion and shallots



Tomatoes (I should avoid these)



Chillies (I should avoid like the plague)

3 natural yougarts, mango, papaya, strawberry

Oral-B alcohol free mouthwash

Eucryl toothpaste

I'll add and takeaway as the month progresses and what I can get the day I go the shops, I don't even feel nervous I just want something to eat that isn't gonna hurt my belly and I feel full of confidence. I think I'm gonna only have red meat once a fortnight in a stew of some sort or pot based meal AND have bread (granery roll maybe) 

I truly hope I can stick to this I need to break all of those bad habits and I've got my date set next period will be the start of smoke free me too!

Don't shout at me too much...one vice at time lol a bad diet is by far the thing I need to tackle first and who knows maybe I'll feel high on healthy living and bring the date forward...

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Good on you!  All of that motivation from one millisecond of being pain free!! Imagine what we ladies could do if we were all pain free forever....keep us posted xx

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Good luck my lovely. I smoked too but stopped when I had my hysterectomy on the 3rd March. So I know how hard it is but I really do wish you all the best.

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Aww thanks girls xx


You go!!! Good for you chick. Xx

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Refined sugar is a good food to cut out as it's an inflammatory. The swelling and bloating caused agitates endo. It's a tough one to kick, I made it 8 weeks before diving into a jar of nutella. Going to try again though because it did really help. 

Best of luck to you!   

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You go hunni, we can do it together ;) xx


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