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Has anyone got any tips on how to deal with the bloating issues of endo?

Every month about a week before I'm due on my abdomen bloats that much that I look about 6 months pregnant (like rubbing salt in the wound looking pregnant when your desperately trying to get pregnant!) . Then the week of my period I gain 7lbs and then as soon as its all over I lose the 7lbs again almost overnight

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Sorry nothing helpful for you - only that I am the same with the bloating, I can feel it starting up at the moment...x


I feel for you pands. The bloating gets me down as much as the pain. Partly because it's the first sign of the pain being on its way but 2ndly because none of my clothes fit me properly or I look pregnant in them. I end up living in my pjs the whole time apart from when I'm at work obviously. For work I've just had to have some trousers a size bigger but this last month I couldn't even do them up properly ??



Have you tried to eliminate wheat/gluten from your diet? It is the main food category which causes bloating.

It is also part of the things need to be cut down from the endo diet.

Endo diet has made a huge difference in bloating and pain in many women. x



I hate the bloating but I agree with Jojo - Wheat and gluten dont help things! I find that Jasmine tea and peppermint tea help to calm when I am bloated.

I've not tried the official 'endo diet' though but may look into it soon!


I gave up bread about two months ago (totally didn't believe it'd make a blind bit of difference but thought it worth a go !) the improvement has been dramatic. I found the first couple of weeks hard, didn't realise how much bread I actually ate ! I haven't given up wheat- in fact I have replaced bread with ryvita. I don't know how or why but instead of 8 months preg when I bloat up I now look more like 4 instead. I'm also drinking more water and eating more fruit.Little changes that have certainly helped me. xx


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