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Does endo tend to come back where it has previously been?

After seeing a Colorectal Consultant, due to him being at a different hospital to my gynae consultant, he has asked me to get all my previous scan and operation reports from my previous and current consultants, to see if this will help in diagnosing if I have endo on the bowel.

My first consultant letter identified that I had endo on both ovarian fossae and the pouch of douglas. As well as having adhesions between my asending colon and anterior abdominal wall.

My second and current consultant identified I had a small amount of endo in my pelvic area, but no where else.

All of these patches of endo have been removed in 2 laproscopies, however (if you have read my previous post then I aplogise for repeating myself) over the last few months my pain has increased and I have a new shooting pain up my bottom.

So I was just wondering could my pain be due to the endo growing back in that pouch of douglas or does it not grow back in the area it has been removed from?

Any advice would be really appreciated.

Thanks xxx

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Hey it can always come back where it's been removed due to scar tissue..x.


Ahh okay. Dont know if thats good or bad haha. Thank you for replying though really appreciated xxx


It's not really a good thing because it's never going to be 100% chance of it never coming back but you've just got to hope for the best...endo sticks to scar tissue.x.x.


Yes that's true. Only reason it might be a good thing is it might explain why I'm in soo much pain. Hopefully not but if it is back in the pouch of douglas my MRI scan would have picked it up and something can be done about it. But I didn't know endo stuck to scar tissue. It's useful to know thanks again xxx


Your welcome Ihope you get it sorted...I felt the same I had my lap to remove 80% of my endo and for 12 weeks I was in absolute agony then when I'd recovered I had 6 months of no pain or problems whatsoever I felt the greatest us felt for years then I started getting really bad pains again so I thought it had come back the pains were bad for 2 months and now I haven't had any pain whatsoever for a month. It's so frustrating I'm just awaiting my Mri results.x.x.


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