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Pains started again for first time in 3 months

The last 2-3 years I get sharp pains in each side of the groin at the top of legs. And pelvic area in general. Flutters of pain in my lower back to. It could last a week or weeks then I won't get it again for a while. Could this be endo ? I've had an ultrasound which showed no signs of endo. I am on the pill and today my symptoms have started after coming off my period yesterday.

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Hello .

I get the same as you and mine gets worse wen walking especially the groin pain...

I have endo and adenomyosis, pelvic congestion. you cant really see these on ultrasound

Laporoscopys is the best way to know and maybe mri...

These pains in my groin when i walk could well be related to endo but me and my sergeon belive it could be my pelvic congestion that is causing this..

Hope that helps in some way😊


Thank you. Yes I'm aware the ultrasound would of not showed it up but they said its ruled out other things. I really struggle getting time off work so really concerned if I went for a lap getting a couple weeks off work would be an issue. I find it strange I might not get any symptoms for months then out of no where it comes back again and gets me really down. I don't no what to do next. :(


I know it sucks its all about managing it the best way we can. Even tho its hard to manage this.. i can go 2.3 days and be ok then i can barely walk or have the energy to go to the shop..

Maybe fined time for a lap then u can begin to get and the right treatment for you 😊

I have had 4 laporoscopys and i have been fine after 1 week..


Thank you. I also find it hard to talk to people about it as I Havnt been diagnosed. I don't know what to tell my boss if I do go for a lap I find it hard talking about this kind of stuff. And also want to tell my mum but i don't know how x


As for your boss just just get a doctors note u dont have yo say wat it is..

Your mum sit with a cuppa have some leaflets with u about endo and sit and chat to her that it may be possible u have it.

Until ur lap you wont no 100% you really need to have a lap so u can get the right help and meds..


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