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Another new set of problems?

Quick run down;

Last weekend I had a meltdown, fell deep in to a depression, it came and went in 5 days, so not excessive but it played terrible havoc with my immune system, I got what I thought was a dental abscess turns out my teeth aren't hurting at all, the swelling in my face is actually IN my cheek, I've had antibiotics (amoxacillin I kept from the last infection) I've not seen anybody yet but I'm going tomorrow to see the Dr I can't cope with this! Yesterday the swelling still quite prevalent (day 5 of 3x amoxacillin per day) the pain went into my eyes, sinuses, ear, throat. Its all hurting :( 

Now we get to the real crux of my complaint; I had a warm drink before bed and as I drank it quite quickly I thought the feeling I had (kind of like my stomach was the boat and it was rocking on the ocean) I felt like I was drowning (kind of) but then we went to bed, I slept like a log, having had all my meds, when I woke up I was RIDDLED with pain, armpit, chest, back, shoulder, but worse than all of that my lungs really hurt, it felt truly like I was drowning, the bottom of my lungs felt full and heavy, I grabbed a handful of tablets and it took 20 mins to climb out of bed, I just feel drained :( 

What's happening? Is this endo related? Has the infection spread? 

To top it off I got an appointment through the post yesterday for a colonoscopy and a few other tests 23rd May...it threw me the hospital they've arranged it for is a heart specialist place, you may have heard of it, Broadgreen in Liverpool.

I could cry right now I'm just so frustrated I'm fed up of aches and pains I just want to be a normal person and enjoy my Sunday, I could be with my nephews cheering on my nieces while they dance for their troupe but I'm stuck here sat in bed clutching my groin, this life is Sh#t!!

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Hi Hun I'm sorry you feel so shit. If things get worse go to a&e . It might be worth giving out of hours surgery a call as something definitely isn't right. Don't suffer in silence Hun, you're worth more than that .get some help asap. Sending gentle hugs. 


Hi Hun how are you feeling today?

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I'm ok, been thinking today, I think I might need to learn more about GERD and acid reflux, I look online and find the same guidelines over and over, I'm finding it impossible to research it properly simply because I don't have a clear understanding of it :( this morning I realized I've got a massive blister/ulcer type thing across the roof and down the throat, my gums look and feel burned but brushing soothes them I'm 99.9% sure acid reflux has occured while I've slept and caused all of this, my lump thing in my cheek reduces with every brush it's much looser and the pain has died down.

I take Omeprazole 20mg gastro-resistant capsules and Ranitidine when I have a flair in my chest/back but I just don't understand the medication either, the omeprazole leaflet says take them for 40 days but my gp has been giving me them since early feb, one a day. The ranitidine box says only 2 per day but I don't even know if I should be taking them without a flair up...my gp has got lots of answers that I need :/ that's gonna be a fun trip!! 

Thanks for checking in on me, I was distracted last night when I read your first reply I could have sworn I'd replied xx  


That's ok Hun just wanted to make sure you were ok.

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