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As I have mentioned previously I am currently waiting for a bowel resection and removal of endo. I finally have my letter from the hospital confirming the date.

The issue is that on the letter it says I am able to eat up until 7 a.m. on the date of my admission?! I rang one of my surgeons secretary's, explained the procedure I was having done and asked if this was a mistake. She advised me that it was common practice.

As I explained to her I have had previous surgery, including having my bowel shaved and it unstuck from my womb. Last time I had Picolax and was unable to eat the day before. My surgeon advised that he would be unwilling to operate near my bowel without this.

In response to this she said if there are any issues they will ring me the day before surgery. She also said I may/or may not have to come in the day before anyway to have some injections. Not incredibly helpful when you have a two year to arrange childcare for!

I am going to ring my other surgeon in a week or so if I haven't had another letter from them, I just wanted to see if anyone else has an opinion/experience of this?


D x

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  • Hi I had hysterectomy with removal of both tubes and ovaries along with excision on 3rd March. My surgeon had previously said he wanted me to do bowel prep as bowels were badly involved, however when I had pre op this was not mentioned. When i queried this she emailed him to check and said she would phone me if he did want this. A few days later got call to say yes I did need it. However I was originally told I could eat up to 7am on morning of op, but had to do bowel prep day before which I thought was a bit pointless. Had first sachet of picolax at 6.00pm after meal , it took till 11pm till anything happened. I was then on the toilet all night so no sleep. Had been given pre op energy drinks as well. So took 2nd picolax at 6am and 1st pre op drink at 7am. Nothing happened with 2nd picolax. Was able to drink up till 11.30 and had 2nd pre op drink at 11.00am. Honestly didn't feel like eating after 1st picolax.  If you don't hear anything by the time you have pre op then question it and ask if they can double check with surgeon and get back to you. Good luck with your surgery. Keep us up dated Hun.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    That was quite recent, how are you feeling now?

    I have had my pre op but I will ring again in a few weeks. I think it is bizarre they have said no bowel prep as they will actually be cutting into my bowel this time.

    Eurgh I remember the joys of bowel prep!


    D x

  • Yeah I know not nice. I'm doing ok . Still having issues with my bowels but I'm still healing so it will take time. Had follow last week and surgeon is really pleased with how I'm doing. I'm just not that patient. I also had an internal bleed after surgery so that is also affecting things. I'll get there. I've high hopes for the future thanks to my wonderful surgeon. He's been fantastic. He flew out to India the day after my op but once I was home he actually phoned me from India to see how I was then again a week later. So I don't think I could ask for better. I feel I've finally had some luck and I'm very grateful.take care Hun.

  • I'm 3 weeks post op, had my surgery at Oxford hospital.  I was told I would be having bowel work due to adhesions, nodules and my bowel was stuck to my womb.  I was expecting to have bowel prep aswell but when I went to my pre op I was told they no longer do it? I was given an advice leaflet and the bowel prep instruction was crossed out. Seems they have changed procedures? X

  • Thanks for the reply.

    Maybe it has then, would have been useful for someone to tell me that in pre op lol!

    D x

  • Hi - it's not the surgeon's secretary you should be speaking with. You will have the endo centre nurse's contact so I should talk to her. It sounds like you have been sent the generic hospital info. With a resection you'll have to have bowel prep.

  • Thanks, good idea! I will find it and call her.

    D x

  • Be persistent & find out! I was in the same situation. My consultant when booking my 3rd laparoscopy said I would need bowel prep this time due to a nodule near my bowels. However at my pre op nothing was mentioned. Even though I asked nurse said I didn't need it. I still persevered n called consultants nurse. Even she looked into it & said consultant had ticked I didn't need it. I was very angry and annoyed as the the point of this lap was due to bowel issues, pointless having it without bowels being investigated. Anyways nurse said to speak to consultants secretary & hey bingo a week before my lap the secretary called back and said she made the consultant look through my notes again ( due to my persistent hassling) and it seemed I did need bowel prep, dr had no idea why he didn't tick box. So please don't give up until you get the answer you want! 

  • Thanks for your response. That is worrying. I just wish I didn't have to get them to check they are doing their job properly. I am definitely contacting them again 


  • Best of luck!

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