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Starting to feel normal

So after another spell in A&E which ruptured cyst, followed by scan which showed contents on cyst, endometrium and bowel joined to uterus I was at a really low ebb. I'd just managed pain before and got on with things. But this time I felt I wanted to take more control. After lots of research I've started acupuncture along with changing my diet. It's less than a week in and I'm already noticing a difference. Diet has made unbelievable difference to how I feel and am much less bloated. Acu seems to be working, going to review after 4 sessions. Seeing my con on Monday prob to talk about surgery but if I can put it off and manage pain in other ways then I'm happy about that. So it's a good day!

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Hi - if and when you think about surgery be sure it is done in a BSGE accredited endo centre with bowel involvement. Have a look at my post on the UK treatment pathway.


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