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Is it normal to feel worse after Laparoscopy?


I had my 2nd laparoscopy (plus other minor procedures like checking my bladder, dye test etc) on 26th of January. Just after the surgery, I felt great and was super positive about my recovery.

However, it's now been just over 10 days and I'm really struggling to get to terms with my new levels of pain. It is more intense and in different areas (mainly legs and lower back). I'm also exhausted most of the time + bleeding heavily. Am I still recovering or is this something I should now get used to?

I'm aware it's only been 10 days and I should wait for another week to feel better. However, is it normal to feel much worse after a lap? I wasn't that bad last time ( 5 years ago).

I'm sorry about this very vague question and thank you for your support.

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Hi its still very early days. It can take a good few months to heal properly inside so you just need to be patient. What I would say is that if the bleeding continues then I would get checked out . Heavy bleeding can lead to anemia and cause fatigue. Hopefully you should start to improve soon.

alicja_ in reply to JeanOsborne

thank you, i guess I'll need to take it easy :)

Estimates are that internal healing takes up to 12 weeks. I only feel almost normal now a good 2 months after my surgery. And I still have symptoms that I did not have before my lap and cystoscopy that are worse than before my treatment started.

I have no idea why people is surgeons persist in suggesting you'll be fine after a week or two as it seems that comparatively few people actually are that lucky. Some of the reasons for post op pain are described here and reading it reassured me at the time

alicja_ in reply to Starry

Thank you for sharing the link, this is extremely useful. I wish I had more time to discuss this with the surgeon.

Caveo in reply to Starry

I totally agree!!! I remember having my first lap last year on a Friday and said to my colleagues in work the day before "see you all Monday"!!! What a fool, I was off for 3 weeks and ended up after a week & half in A&E in agony!!! My consultant gave me the impression it was nothing as it was 'only' a day patient thing!!! I've got a second lap on 23rd of this month - I know what to expect this time x

If the bleeding is not normal for you I sure would get that checked out .

And anti inflammatory meds .

Good luck Caveo I have my appointment about "round 2" with my surgeon in a couple of weeks.

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