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Is it normal to feel tired all the time (suspected endo)?

Hi, feeling really down, i have had my first hospital appointment yesterday, im booked in to have a scan to see if i have ovarian cysts(already had 3 removed 4 years back), and was told most probably have endometriosis too. My question is does anyone else feel tired all the time(everyday for over 6 wks now) ?

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Yes luv unfortunately its a very common problem with endo. Mine has recently come back after i had a hysterectomy four years ago and i started to feel really low and tired before my pain even started again.It might be worth looking into the endo diet because my energy levels have been much better since cutting out wheat ,dairy and red meat,big sacrifice i know but its worth it to start getting some energy back.Hope you feel a bit better


Hi loobylou,

Thankyou for message,Sorry to hear your feeling rubbish again:(.

The really anything thing is i have been eating the diet for a few months but its under a different diet (paleo) this was even before i found out i had this . I have just stopped eating red meat which does take the pain away, but i miss dairy.

but the tiredness is really getting me down, waiting for blood test now ,doc said i maybe anemic from very heavy periods :(



yes maybe you could be anemic also are you drinking enough fluid ?i was really bad at keeping myself hydrated i hardly ever felt thirsty but i'm forcing myself to have 6 to 8 glasses a day which i'm convinced has helped.Just a thought. Hope you find an answer soon love.xx


Hi, yes, but I would call it fatigued not tired. I had endometriosis/endometriosis of the womb for about 14 months (prior to hysterectomy 6 months ago) and I felt fatigued all the time. It's one of the symptoms.

P.S. Regarding endo diet....I'm wheat, meat and dairy-free anyway (allergies and vegetarian) and I found that it made absolutely no difference to being fatigued. But I found that cutting out sugar upped my energy levels.


Hi Samatha,

I suffer from really bad fatigue too. It's really difficult to deal with so my heart goes out to you. I have recently started a course of vitamins (well woman) and vitamin C in an effort to boost my energy.

I hope it eases up for you soon. xx


Yes - I get absolutely exhausted with it. For me it is the first sign that I am due a flare up.

Hope you start to feel better soon.x


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