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Hi there wonder if anyone could give me advice, been on the depo injection for 3 years was due it between 18th-24 March didn't go back for it as me and my partner want to try for a baby, anyhow was just wondering if having bad cramps means is my body getting back to normal or what? Ever since we started having sex I've had sore cramp but no period.. Would it take a while to become pregnant?  Thanks.

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You should really consult with a BSGE endo specialist, make sure your healthy, an afternoon spent sat down in a hospital is worth the heartbreak you'll save yourself in the long run. I speak from experience a miscarriage scars your soul, my situation is different to yours but the peace of mind is worth its weight in gold xx


Im not sure how long It will take to get pregnant as I didn't go for.the jag but.having major cramp was just wondering if that was normal xx


Endo effects everybody different you could have very mild disease and be in agony, you could have very severe spread and not feel a thing, pain is personal to your body. The only way to be sure about anything is to sit down and discuss it with a specialist, attempting to get pregnant with active disease is a bad idea, even when they say its fine! You need to be healthy for your eggs to be healthy, supplements help, take folic acid every day, boost the production of healthy eggs. If you read my profile you'll see until I got pregnant and miscarried last year I had very little problems I didn't even know I had endo. The pain and anxiety I felt from the miscarriage resonates even today, I feel guilt for not being more aware of my own body. Literally no decision is a good decision without the guiding hand of a specialist. My gp made things so such worse for me, he told me it was all in my head, now I'm facing the prospect of my ovaries being removed in my next operation, a general gynae who did my lap failed to provide any relevant information about the findings and since then things are so much worse. I can't stress enough how much you need to talk to a specialist, somebody who understands anf can guide you, monitor you, your high risk of miscarriage just like me, they can and will do more to help you progress into your pregnancy if you seek help now, getting pregnant and waiting 3 months for a scan is devastating when your baby has no heartbeat because of this awful disease. It is essential you don't change anything without guidance xx 


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