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Pregnancy & Endometriosis

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give some advise of previous experiences, I have endometriosis I was diagnosed in 2018, I have just found out that I am pregnant, around 5 weeks. I am experiencing stomach cramps like period pains and pains in the tops of my legs like I get with endo, along with light bleeding that started brown, now is a light red/ pink. I have done 2 tests, 1 week apart and both are positive, 2nd one i did today and it is stronger than the first. During these difficult times the midwife centre have said to wait it out to avoid coming in for a scan. Has anyone experienced pain or bleeding with endo in pregnancy or anything similar to this. I’m so worried any advise would be appreciated x thank you x

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Hi Hun, congratulations on your pregnancy. I have Stage 4 Endometriosis and experienced all my usual Endometriosis related pain pretty much throughout my pregnancy. I didn't have any bleeding though. I worried a lot as read that pregnancy would ease / stop the Endometriosis symptoms but it definitely didn't in my case! Wishing you all the luck in the World with your pregnancy. xx

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Thank you so much for your message on this, it helps to know you experienced pain throughout as I already feel this way, just going to keep an eye on the bleeding. Thank you, praying all goes ok. X X take care

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What did you do after your second pregnancy to treat the endometriosis? Xx

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Hello, I have stage 3 and just found out I’m six weeks pregnant. I am having some endo paid on my left side as I usually do but dr said not to worry. I have read as there is movement there then sometimes having endo pain is normal. Try not to worry and it’s important to relax at this time, your body has got this ..... xx

Oh and I bleed all last week and assumed it was my period, I tried a pregnancy test just to see and it was positive... I have done five more since. My doctors said bleeding is fine at the moment and not to worry. He told me to just say if I get very very bad pains and very heavy bleeding x

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Wow tats really good hun u could conceive with endo stage 4 I have tat I want yo conceive aswel

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I've had bleeding in both of my non-ivf pregnancies. One was a small bleed but ended in mmc. One was a pretty big bleed but is now my nearly 4 year old daughter. No significant bleeding in either of my ivf pregnancies, probably due to the progesterone support. Again ond ended in mmc and I'm currently 28 weeks with the other one. I guess what I'm trying to say is that bleeding doesn't necessarily mean bad things. Some cramping in early pregnancy is completely normal but it can obviously be scary. I hope you get an answer either way soon as I found the not knowing really hard.

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Thank you for your message, it’s put my mind at ease a little to know that you have experienced bleeding with a pregnancy and everything has been okay, I haven’t passed any tissue or any dark red or bright blood like a period - I am going to do another test in a weeks time. I am still hopeful it’s all ok and can be normal like you said. Sorry to hear about your mmc, I guess that’s a missed miss carriage? Not knowing is really hard at the moment but thank you so much x I will send an update on here if all goes ok when I reach my first scan :) x

woow many cngrates on ur pregnancy. May God give u a healthy baby. Have u conceived naturally?

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Thank you for ur lovely words ❤️ Yes I have conceived naturally just hoping all goes well x

I had a scan yesterday. I wont wait if i need one id go.for god sake theres more people in supermarkets. Just say you'll wear a mask and gloves

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Yeah I am going to call the midwifes tomorrow and arrange one. Thank you x

If I was in your position lovely I’d tell them you need a scan on a normal day you would be allowed I had a natural pregnancy no laps done at the time I kept getting headaches my partner begged me to see the midwife but I kept saying no it will be alright but I never had a headache like that I slept for a full day and thought I’ll be ok I waited and waited for my scan which wasn’t till 12 week for my first scan and found my baby had past away at 12.5 weeks I was devestated as my baby had only just died the worst thing is the day I felt so poorly was my birthday I will never forget how I felt that day .I guess I’m saying if your worried and don’t want to feel the regret I do for not seeking help thinking you will be bothering people push for a scan you have every right to be seen.and protecting how others feel about you getting scan won’t save your feelings they said you should wait you don’t want to so you are protecting them and not putting yourself first sorry to babble but it’s something I learnt about myself I always save other people before myself and it makes me hurt and upset and it sounds like that’s what your doing by accepting they said no we don’t always have to accept the first answer we have rights...congratulations anyway x

Hi lovely, congratulations by the way!!

I was diagnosed with endo 2013 I had my coil taken out in May 2018 and fell pregnant right after my first period I was so shocked considering I was advised it may take along time or not happen at all, I bled similar to you around 3 weeks and again at 6 weeks I went for a private scan at 7 weeks and I had an active pregnancy. I bled again at 9 weeks only slightly though and I went for my 12 week scan at the hospital only to be told I had lost the baby, I was devastated.

Bleeding can happen and everything can still be OK, but keep your eye on your body try take it easy as easy as you can and ill keep everything crossed for you.

Fast forward 6 months I fell pregnant again (not trying) and I had no bleeds and baby was growing perfectly he's here now and 6 months old.

It's such a scary time the first 12 weeks, try keep positive and as I said I'll keep everything crossed for you.

Keep us updated x

Hi there - I also have endometriosis and had a successful pregnancy. My endometriosis symptoms started about 15 years ago (I’m 38 now) progressing through the years. I had an IVF pregnancy and in my 10th week I started bleeding. They believed it was either from a subchorionic hemorrhage or fibroids - not the endometriosis. All of my endometriosis symptoms went away completely during my pregnancy but came back a month after my delivery.

Hope this helps somewhat.

Hi everyone thank you so much for your advise and messages. I just thought I’d update here and for anyone who may need this in the future for advise, my pain got worse / cramps on and off

and I was continuing to bleed on and off heavy then light and brown, it was really up and down. I ended up going to a&e unfortunately I had an ectopic pregnancy, they kept me over night and my pain worsened in the morning and had surgery to remove it. the pregnancy was in my right tube, which they had to remove with the pregnancy in too. They reassured me it won’t reduce my chances by 50% my other tube is healthy. I am Recovering now in hospital and I am hoping to go home soon. This was really painful once it got bad, they said I am lucky it was caught in time as I started to bleed into my stomach. On a positive note they said my endometriosis was minimal since my last lap :)

Please double check if you are bleeding , cramping etc in early pregnancy , it can be completely normal but double checking is always best. Trying to stay positive about everything x

Thank you xx

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Oh my goodness, how awful for you ♥️💫 hope you're ok. Luckily you went to a&e, it could have been so dangerous and alot worse. Hope you're not in too much pain and have support around you ♥️♥️♥️ get well soon and keep strong xxx

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