Please help!:(

Hi ladies, I hope you can help! I had a lap yesterday which removed my endo and a cyst, and today I have been in great pain!:( I can't sit or lay down and when it comes to sleeping it's s total no go! I'm really struggling! Feeling very emotional and down. Would like to know how you ladies all slept after surgery and any advice on pain management ! As I'm taking every drug under the sun and they aren't seeming to work! I get a lot of stabbing pains from inside which have only started today, is this anything to worry about? Also finding it hard to breathe, I am asthmatic too. Just need some advice and support I hope I'm not the only one going trough this! 

Thank you so much ! 

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  • You are bound to be sore after all you have been through , it does take a few days before you remotely feel a bit better but seek help if you have a high temperature . A hot water bottle might help and try and prop yourself up with pillows so your not lying flat . Hope you start to feel better soon xx

  • I generally am so drugged up after surgery sleeping on and off comes easy enough - would recommend an assortment of pillows!!

    Re. Pain management- keep on top of it; rather than all meds every 4hrs try something every 2 hours and space it out. For instance I was on cocodamol and tramadol - asked for separate codeine/paracetamol - 8am paracetamol and tramadol, 10am codeine, noon para/tram, 2pm codeine. Def note down what you're doing as you will forget on high dose painkillers. Hope that helps X 

  • I hope you're feeling a little easier miss fr.

    Completely agree with the other ladies. Keep a medication diary because if you were re-admitted you can take the list with you. 

    My husband was also banished to the spare room so I could have the big bed to myself.

    Being emotional is completely normal. I struggled with this. It helped by showing my family some related posts from this site, so they could understand my crying and snapping at them. If they love you they will understand.

    Keep moving during the day so that you get rid of the gas. I also have a heat pad but be careful on your newly operated wound.

    If it gets too

    Take care


  • Thank you so much this helps hugely! I've been reading your replies to my mother so she can understand! My patent is to scared to touch me incase he hurts my wounds :( feeling slightly better today as I've managed to pop on a little makeup so I look a little less like death! Thank you for your advice xx

  • I certainly couldn't be bothered putting make up on the day after my lap!!!!!. Glad you're feeling a smidgen better. X

  • Peppermint tea for the breathing and to disperse the gas 

    Hot water bottle

    Tramadol and paracetamol anti sickness tablets if needed 


    Hot bath also may help xx 

    Hope you feel better hunni xx 

  • I was in excruciating pain with gas after my first lap. I know it's difficult but do try to walk around a bit in case that is part of the trouble. Do listen to your body though. Are you on antibiotics? I have blocked tubes which the specialist reckons is because of a post op infection. Hopefully it's nothing like that for you but do look after yourself and ring the hospital if you are worried. Xx

  • Hi there, thank you for your advice, no I wasn't sent home with anything at all:( xx

  • Not even pain medication? That's really bad. I've had two laps. They think I had the infection on my first lap and I wasn't given antibiotics. I did have antibiotics after my second lap and recovered much quicker. I would say if you are in a lot of pain give the hospital a ring to be on the safe side. Xx

  • I thought it was odd they never gave me anything! They said after 24 hours they can't help me it's down to my gp! Surely I can't get much out of them! I'm really cross with the hospital I feel totally alone ! Xx

  • Check this link out- tips for post lap xx 


  • How you feeling hunni x

  • Hiya:) im getting there slowly! Still can't relly move but I'm getting up and walking about a bit more! As for dressing myself.. Not quite mastered that yet! Trousers are a no go! Keeping track of my pain relief and trying new ways of easing the pain which seems to be helping, thank you very much for asking!:) I hope all of you ladies are takin care ! X

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