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Post op

Hi, I had a laporoscopy last July where they removed some endometriosis but found some on my bowel. A week ago I had my second operation which lasted for 6hrs, when I came out of theatre I had a drip, catheter and epidural hooked up to me. The consultant confirmed I had severe endometriosis on my bowel, left ovary, pelvis, womb, the pipe between my kidney and bladder and my vagina. The only place not affected was my right ovary.  So as you can imagine I now have stitches inside my vagina and obviously 4 incisions on my stomach area. 

Has anyone been in this position? I'm just wondering how long I might be off work. 

More importantly all of this came about as we have been trying to conceive for 3yrs this September. Ha anyone had endometriosis to this extent and gone on to conceive? 

Thank you x

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