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Had my first laparoscopy yesterday and I'm in a lot of pain :(

Hello all, had my first lap yesterday, they found endometriosis and they removed it, I was feeling not too bad yesterday but today I feel like I could be in 'Walking Dead', I guess all the anaesthetic has worn off, I am on paracetamol, ibuprofen and codeine at the same time but I can barely walk :( I've had 2 kids (natural deliveries and I'm extremely lucky to have them) and honestly I'd rather give birth than have laparoscopy again! I have no clue how I'm supposed to change my dressings today, the plasters are so sticky and even the slightest touch of my stomach brings tears to my eyes, I actually feel faint again. Sorry for the rant, I feel sorry for myself :( please tell me it gets better??

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sorry to hear that Monikka, I had 2 laparoscopy last year, I was very lucky I was up and running in a few days. However, to get that you need lot of rest at first, sleep sleep sleep, I know it may not be easy with 2 kids around tho.

I was advised to change the plasters just if they were very dirty otherwise there was no need, I hate taking plasters off, so I left them for 4 days and then slowly removed them

I was on those medication as well plus antibiotics!

it will get better, promise!!

best of luck!



I was told I should remove them daily (!) to minimise the infection risk, they didn't prescribe antibiotics. I'm going to dope myself up on codeine and the rest and once they kick, I will soak the edges of the plasters and have a go- its the one next to my belly button that hurts the most :( I've been in bed since yesterday and I'm not moving lol unless I have to go to bathroom. My husband is off work looking after the kids and doing all the chores (makes a nice change). I can't sleep much though as every movement hurts and after laying on my back for too long it hurts as well. Feel awful and useless :(


Stay on your painkillers as your healing internally. I had hubby writing them all down he was feeding me, felt like a junkie.

It does get better as long as you rest. Don't move around too much and you'lll heal quicker.

It may get you down emotionally which I didn't expect so if that happens, it's completely normal.

Hugs xxxx


Thank you! I think I need stronger meds, to manage endo pain I was on 400mg ibuprofen and 30mg diahydrocodeine - after the lap they gave me the same thing + 500mg paracetamol but its not enough, my tolerance to painkillers is quite strong :( anyway I phoned the hospital and I explained the situation, I can't even move to change the position (I'm sitting up in bed, I can't lie down because I wont get back up again). My gynaecologist is going to see me at 1.30 today, maybe I'll get some stronger painkillers


I have my lap on Monday and felt fine... A bit achy but other than that I was ok. But over the last couple of days I've noticed bleeding so I was panicking but I read somewhere it's notmal. But I definitely feel worse the days after. I haven't been sleeping properly either... Can't manage to dose over. Have you tried ringing the doctors for info? I had to call for some dressings... As I was only given 6 but I have 4 wounds to change every 48hrs for 7-10 days... Just keep up on the pain relief... Hope you feel well soon! X


Yes I went and got stronger meds so here is hoping they will work. I think I will leave my dressing until tomorrow or even Saturday. My tummy is full of gas, can't seem to get rid of it :(


Have a try of peppermint tea? It doesn't taste very nice but it did the job for me ☺️ X


No I haven't Katiels3 but I've got it at home and I'll try some tonight! Thanks for the tip :)

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Another question ladies - after the lap when they pumped my stomach with gas it looks awfully bloated, I actually look 4 months pregnant lol! When will that go down? Thanks


With regards to your dressings, after my first lap I had to change them every 3 days. But after my last lap I was told I could take the dressings off after 2 days if they weren't bleeding or weeping. So I think it depends on who is giving the advise because both times my stitches have been dissolvable ones.

When I did have to change them, I would peel a corner off and then rather then pulling the dressings I would press/pull my skin away. Found it less painful this way. I don't know why they are so sticky!!

My bloated tummy took 3 weeks to go down after the first lap. And about 2 weeks after my most recent one. Some of it will be gas but could also be a bit imflamed inside from all the poking and prodding. I hate peppermint tea so I would have wind-eze, chewable mint tablets from Boots.

Hope you have a speedy recovery x


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