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Bowel problems

Hi everyone,

This question may be a little bit off topic but I really wanted to ask this and see if anyone else is experiencing the same.

Last year I had really bad bowel movements and I was constipated as well every time I would go to the toilet and pass stools it was absolute agony it would feel like i am not emptying my bowel properly and I would also pass blood in the stool as well, my gp said its only constipation and gave me senna to use for 2 months I did that and I went to the toilet every day and did not experience any pain or saw blood, it has now been one month since I have finished eating my tablets and today I had a bit of pain again and saw blood again. Im not sure whether it is constipation because it was 1 day since I went to the toilet.

Do you think this maybe related to endo? Or do you know what this may be?

my gp checked 3 times in 8 months and said its not anal fissure, or piles (haemmoroids)

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I have endo on my lower bowel, it hasn't penetrated to within the bowel but it's stuck to my uterus. As I have endo I was taking opiate based analgesic which can lead to constipation. I had excruciating bowel movements and pain to the left side. I did not have blood in my stools. However I found that taking one dulcalax every other night keeps my stools soft and pain to a minimum when going to the toilet. Have you been diagnosed with endo? If you are bleeding it could been it has penetrated the bowel, if this becomes too severe pain wise they can operate to take the affected section of bowl away, there are risks of this and you usually need a stoma for a while afterwards.

If you are under a gynae, It would be worth speaking to your them about discussing your symptoms with a colorectal surgeon. I had both operate on me together to remove the endo from my abdomen and as much of the bowel as the could they often work together in the endo centers. Although I was in surgery for 8 hours.... It's quite complex

Hope this helps

Katie x

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Thank you so much for your reply, I am seeing a gyne and my appointment next is next month with him and thats when he will tell me what treatment will be best. I think I do have endo because I have nearly all of the symptoms but it has not been diagnosed properly yet.


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