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Having bowel problems is it normal?

Hi all I'm still waiting my lap got my consultation next week to for diagnosis

Basically for last few week I've being suffering with my bowles I get horrific pain when have to go to the loo or even just with wind the pain during feels like passing glass but when I'm having my period I'm passing a lot of blood my bm isnt hard normal some time loose my gp are being bot helpful fobbing me off any advice x

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I don't have any advice Hun but just wanted to say I'm thinking of u and have the same thing. I would keep going back to your GP until they refer u back to the hospital x x x


Thanks hun x


Hi I am very similar pain, it's calmed down at lot since I started having a pro biotic drink a day and the pro or pre biotic capsules aswell I got mine from Holland and Barrett it esp helped if I had wind, try and keep yourself looser too if you become constipated it's pain but much more frequent! I used to have to take tramadol codeine diclofenic Etc for my pain but I am just about managing with paracetamol and ibrophen now and of course a hot water bottle!

I hope that helps a little


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Thanks I'm on naproxen 250 twice a day which does nothing really I shall invest in some pro biotic on my shopping tomorrow x


I got this but not the blood. The pain when pooping was unbearable; I literally could not move. I felt as if I was giving birth to a poo!!! Like Ails84, I found I had to almost cause diarrhoea in order to be able to go without passing out. I used to take 3 movicols within a 90 minute time period (one every 30 mins) plus co-codamol and Naproxen and even then I was literally doubled up or crawling.

Plus the gas pain were one of the first things that suggested endo to me.... I had these pains unbearable during ovulation and my period. I used to feel as if I had painful rocks inside my bowel even though I was not constipated or that I was being scraped raw.

Since my laparoscopy with excision I can now have my period and ovulation without this. I do still find having a BM to be quite uncomfortable at times (more like a rawish scraped feeling in my guts), but it is nothing like before. I had the Mirena coil inserted during my operation.

My advice - keep your bowel movements super soft, take pain relief, use heat (baths, heating pad etc), try a TENS machine and lastly - use colpermin capsules or windeeze to keep gas as minimal as possible. I found colpermin generally helpful and windeeze a lifesaver after my lap.


I'm only on naproxen 250 which not helping at all with pain my bm rather soft and regular sometimes going 4 time a day just need answers now xx


Hi - please be aware that if you are being seen in general gynaecology it is common for endo in the bowel area to be missed. So if you have a lap and are told that you don't have endo but continue with symptoms that might suggest it insist on referral to a specialist centre. Click on my name and look at my post on how to find one and come back if you have any problems. x

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I have very similar symptoms.

My bowel reacts in a very bad way during my periods; spasm, bleeding, hard stools, very loose stools, terrible pain. Even fainting.

My lap discovered it was on the bowel and on 2 occasions it has been removed from that area.

Do mention this to your consultant. They will have more experience in this area than your gp.

Good luck with your lap.


Hi - if you have endo affecting your bowel can I just check that you are being seen in a specialist centre in accordance with NHS protocol. Click on my name and look at my post on Pouch of Douglas endo and on how to find a specialist. x


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