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Feeling ill all the time n totally fed up

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It as got to the point were I have had enough I feel ill all the time

My gyneo told me to try the pill which made me ill and raised my blood pressure so now I am having test for that nothing ever seems to get better I am always in pain I get headaches sickness backache leg pain plus a lot more and I am sick of living with it


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Understand how u feel :( Its a shit disease to live with and im trying to control endo so it doesnt control me but no winning yet. Hope u feel better soon and i would have a chat with ur doctor. xxx

I understand, it's awful. I haven't woken up thinking I feel fine or good for years now. So fed up with it! Have you had a lap to remove any endo? x

I understand how you feel, and am not sure what I can say to help as I feel the same :( When I am having a bad say I try and concentrate on all the good things in my life and not the endo. Do you have any appointments due with your consultant? Could you bring it forward to see if they can do anything to help? xxx

Yes I have had lap sept 2011 then put on prostap then put on pill nothing worked thanks guys least I know I'm not alone xxx

I found that the pill didn't help at all, I'm now working my way down the list of treatments to find something that actually works!, good luck Hun xxxx

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