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Here we go again

I'm new to this forum but I'm afraid not new to this disease.

I just need a little advice really. I've had this disease for 20 years but was only diagnosed in 2004. I was put on the pill with little effect and then went on to zoladex implants for 6 months with again little effect. After phoning the consultant regularly and going back to the doctor weekly they eventually took me seriously. This took years which was frustrating as I was taking trampoline which of course addictive,but this was the only thing that would make me function. Eventually I had a laparoscopy where they used ablation. Over the years this was my 3rd laparoscopy but gave me 2 good years. In August last year is when I had a massive flare up in which I was hospitalised. After a week I was allowed home on strong painkillers, these didn't work and eventually had to go on oramorph and I also take prefab line after another hospitalisation. Just before I was let out I had a Prostap injection about 2 1/2 weeks ago and have srarted bleeding heavily has anyone else encountered this,I am still on oramorph and I take 5ml every 4 hours and can't work. Just wondering if anybody in the same situation??

Sorry for the essay but I wanted to cover everything that I have tried so far.

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My best advice to you would be to look on the BSGE website and find a specialist near you, then go back to GP and say you want a referral to them. Ablation doesn't get rid of the disease just the top layer so it will keep growing back. If you have lap with a specialist and have excision this will cut the disease out from the root so it shouldn't come back. Good luck

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Thank you I will look into that


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