Here we go again!!!

Hi, I was diagnosed with endo back in November 2013 by laparoscopy, endo was removed but unfortunately it quickly returned.. I had another lap the following July (yes you guessed it) it returned by early 2015.. I booked in for a TAH BSO which was performed on my 40th Birthday! Unfortunately I ended up staying in hospital for 2 1/2 weeks because I developed several PE's and a nice bought of pneumonia!! After a long slow recovery, I started to feel amazing.. The was short lived.. The familiar pain and symptoms returned and my consultant referred me for an ultrasound scan and bloods.. The ultrasound scan results stated that I now have a complex hertergenous (spelling) mass on my vaginal vault, It's either an endometrioma or some kind of haematoma?? Has anyone had any experience of this or am I just so so unlucky?? I'm booked in for surgery again sometime soon but I get married in just under 3 months.. I just didn't think I'd be back here again.. 😢😢😢

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  • Aw you poor thing, are you under a bsge specialist centre or general gyne, I've also had a hysterectomy for adenomyosis in july last year, thankfully mine went well and I recovered quickly, but I'm still in pain daily, I'm now awaiting another laparoscopy to remove overies and endo,

    Good luck, xxx

  • Yes, I'm under Mr Tsepov at QA Hospital in Portsmouth. I had everything removed before , including cervix, in the hope that not having ovaries would sort things.. Unfortunately that isn't the case it seems

  • Helicopter Heidi boo, I have been reffered to mr Tsepov after fighting to be seen by an endo specialist. I was really hoping to see Chris guyer as he has lots of info about being the best at Portsmouth. How have you found mr Tsepov? I'm freaking out as I want to see the best I can x

  • Hey Jadeylak, I've been under his care for about 4 years now, I've had 4 surgeries in that time, 2 laps to remove endo, a TAH BSO last year and I've had another lap just over a week ago to remove a mass that was found on my vaginal vault. I've only ever seen him, so have nothing to compare him to, but I've always found him to be very good. His clinics and surgical waiting list are quite long so I guess that speaks for something. He's also on the endo U.K. Specialist list for Portsmouth, as is Katie Candy who's been my endo pain management specialist nurse.

  • Hi, this sounds horrendous for you. I had a LAVH and BSO 16 weeks ago for endometriosis and Adenomyosis. I have had vaginsl vault pain since I had a Uti 2 weeks post op. I started bleeding at 12 weeks post op. I felt really uncomfortable with period like pains in the two days before hand. I was really puzzled as I have no uterus or cervix. I was sent to see the gynae team and had a uss. This showed a small haematoma in the vault. They told me it would resolve and I had antibiotics for a week. The bleeding (was light but continuous) went in for 3 weeks. However I still have pain in the vault area. GP has given me two further lots of antibiotics. However at my last appointment he wouldn't listen when I tried to explain how painful and sore it is and won't refer me back to see Consultant. I am really fed up as it is affecting my work and sleep. Please message me if you ever need a chat as you are the first person I know who possibly has the same problem. Katrina 😀

  • I've only just seen this message, I'm so sorry I didn't reply sooner!! How are you doing? Have you managed to progress further with your problem and get a referral back to your consultant? I was always led to believe that it's your right as a patient to be given a referral to a consultant?

  • Hi there! How are you doing? Did you get married? I am still the same to be honest. Had another bleed in September. Princess Anne hospital in Southampton refused to see me even though the left side vault/groin pain was really bad. GP referred me back to Consultant. I saw him last week. I was so nervous. He was talking about it being bowel pain but I have had investigations last year and all was fine. He did bloods and I had scan with a doctor yesterday and she said all fine even though I had a scan at Salisbury 2 weeks ago (after P Anne refusing to help) which showed free fluid left pelvis. The doctor said its bowel as they were very active and maybe you have eaten something dodgy. Wouldn't accept that bowels fine and they are always active and noisy for me. I have only had this problem done the hystetectomy. She also told me it's normal to bleed after this op!! I have no cervix. I left in tears again. I feel so alone and fed up with trying to get someone to help me. There is no nurse specialist to speak too. The Consultant just shrugged when I asked and said they don't need them !! I see Consultant again in Nov and dreading it as I know he will discharge me. He is an endo specialist. Sorry to waffle on. Is Portsmouth good? X

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