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Any help or advice please?

Hi all

I am new to this so this is my first post. I was diagnosed with endo and polysistic ovaries 7 years ago i came off my pill to try for a baby and was in so much pain was rushed to A&E on morphene and admitted to a gyne ward where i stayed for a week. After numerous tests scans etc they couldnt find anything wrong. They decided to do a laparoscopy to investigate further. This is when i was diagnosed. The consultant told me i was so bad i would never be able to conceive.

I paid privately to see a consultant who put me on metformin tablets and within 12 months i was pregnant.

I now have a beautiful 4 year old son.

12 months ago i started having pelvic pain, bladder problems and ibs symptoms. I went to my gp who referred me to a consultant to have a colonoscopy. They did not find anything and put it down to ibs. I was then referred to a consultant for a cystoscopy. Again they found nothing.

I was then referred to a general medical consultant as the gp didnt know what else to do with me. I had scans blood tests injections you name it i had it. Eventually he referred me to gyneacology. I went to my third consultation this week and they have finally scheduled me for surgery on 8th april they will laser my endometriosis and they think because i have had the zolidex injections and they didnt work and im having bowel and bladder problems that i may either have bowel and bladder adhesions or bowel endo.

Has anyone else been though this much messing about and does anyone have any advice on pain relief. I constantly have a hot water bottle for the pain. I am so fed up 12 months on and i already have a diagnoses. Please can anyone help? I cant cope much longer like this. Im 31 and feel like im 100 😕

Thankyou x

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Can anybody help? Im in alot of pain today and still have 2 weeks before my lap i feel like im going crazy 😧


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