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Please help, any advice much appreciated

I had a laproscopy in november had a cyst from right ovary removed and purpose of it was also diagnostic. I did not get a follow up appointment after the procedure, was told everything was fine but never actually got any answers. Within a month after operation was back into A+E after seeing my doctor, (he originally thought it was my appendix) but no ANOTHER 5 cm cyst back on my right ovary which in hindsight should not surprise me as symptoms did not ease after operation. But soo frustrating gyno keeps fobbing me off. I believe it is endo my GP believes its endo but am getting no answers from gyno team. Going again tomorrow for a scan to see if cyst is still there . Its so frustrating I just want answers then at least can find a solution. Im so fed up of constantly being in pain and so exhausted and not being able to really say why. Does anyone have any advice on dealing with gyno team so that you actually get answers? If so please help . Thank you and I hope all of you are not in too much pain or discomfort today. x

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I had a 5 cm cyst on my right ovary and had it removed with the ovary last year and can understand a) the pain b) the exhaustion you describe. Is the cyst back where the ovary used to be or on the other ovary? Please be assertive and clear with your gynae ask to see a consultant if poss as your symptoms have not gone away following surgery. Hope it goes well and please keep posted on here. Ps things do get better when it's properly sorted take care endo sister x


Hi mixedspice. I hope today is a good day for you! Sorry for the delay.Cyst was back on the right ovary again. Had the scan, cyst is gone so at least thats one good thing. Went back to my GP yesterday he said after looking at scan result it looks like PCOS so going for blood tests to confirm tomorrow. I just dont understand how Gyno team have not spotted this as I have had so many cysts and endless internal ultrasounds plus my lap. It makes me so mad because from day one I expressed my concerns about fertility as I'm 32 and have not had kids but want to in the future and they said not to be concerned about that. Its just frustrated to see that so many people get the run around its our bodies we should be given answers... Well sorry for ranting . Thank God I have a good GP. Thank you so much for your reply and I hope you are well. x


sorry to hear they're being awkward with you! they've been exactly the same with me after my first lap i got it back straight away just as bad if not worse. I'm still trying to get the gyny team to sort me out and im in and out of hospital. I can't give you any advise for the doctors but what helps me with the pain is a hot water bottle on my back and a wheat bag on my belly. (note put some cold water in the hot water bottle also as i managed to permanently scar my back). fingers crossed they help you x


Hi BeckiDanielle

I hope today is a good day for you! Sorry to hear you are suffering so much. Its so heartbreaking when it returns so soon after surgery its like a kick in the teeth... So many people seem to have trouble with gyno teams, It's so frustrating. Well had scan cyst is going so at least thats positive but my GP thinks I have PCOS from looking at my scan so off for blood tests tomorrow. I'm so freaked out though because as I'm 32 and have not had kids yet I am so scared that I wont be able to. Plus I just don't understand how the gyno team could not have seen this as I have had so many cysts, endless ultrasound scans and a lap. I suppose I shouldn't jump to conclusions but my gyno team have been a nightmare. I hope you get the answers and help you need from your gyno team. Thank you so much for your reply and advice, sorry for ranting.. Take care of yourself. x


Hi there

My first lap was an emergency one done during a hospital admission for pain. They told me they found nothing, that there was nothing wrong with me an discharged me.

Shortly afterwards I moved and kept being admitted to hospital with severe pain - 18 months later, the new hospital did another emergency lap and the endo was found.

So it is possible that they went in and removed the cyst and didn't find endo - often they have to look for it by moving your womb etc out of the way. Do you know if they excised the cyst or just drained it?

My advice would be to ask your GP to refer you to someone else, preferably an endo specialist. Hopefully this will give you some answers.



Hi Cupcake girl

I'm so sorry to hear you've been suffering aswell and also seem to be given the run around by doctors also. They excised the cyst and they heat treated or burned the area after as far as I know. I remember they told me they also treated a few lesions but never said to me whether it was endo. But they referred to the cyst as an endrioma .

Ya i definitely am going to ask my GP to refer me somewhere else as I am getting so frustrated. All the gyno team ever say to me is take the pill and basically bugger off.

Well off to GP now for blood tests he thinks I have PCOS . Again I dont understand how the gyno team have not mentioned that or seen that I have had so many internal scans and the lap.

I hope you are well today and thank you so much for the reply I really appreciate it.

Take care x


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