Support needed, please


I had another scan today. Three endometriomas now, going across both ovaries. After being fobbed off the other day (see previous post) I'm waiting to see what the consultant says now.

I feel gutted, like I'm faulty goods. It's never ending. The endo is bad enough the these cysts are a nightmare on too. I'm feeling sorry for myself and less of a woman as I'm coming to the conclusion I'll never give my husband a child, naturally anyway.

I guess I'm just reaching out for some support from others who just get it and understand.

Next step is see what the consultant says then ask for a referral to a specialist hospital (which is close). Rationally I know I'm in the same situation as yesterday but I'm just tired of it all.

Any similar stories or just general advice would be good. Thanks.

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Hi there, I've had a different experience with endo and how it's effected me but I just wanted to offer my support. I know when times get tough it's hard to find support from family and friends. I wish you luck and hope you feel better soon. :)

Thank you x

Just want to say please don't give up and I think you're right to want to see a specialist. They can help you so much more than a general gynaecologist can. You're not alone Hun . Good luck an stay strong you'll be ok .

Thank you x

Aw sorry to hear this honey 😔 You're certainly not alone, I for one know what you're going through and the heartache of not knowing if you'll be able to have children. Do you think you'll have to have another laparoscopy? I hope the consultant suggests some good advice. Contact me if you need a chat xx

Thank you.

Yes I think this will force his hand to operate again. He didn't want to and said no one would ever get rid of everything without impacting on major organs. Part of me wants him to say no again then I'll go see a specialist and start again.

I think I've just panicked as it wasn't nice to hear. My husband came with me (he's not come in the scan room before) and I was just thinking I'm never going to give him an experience of a pregnancy ultrasound. Instead we're sitting observing the development of my endometriomas! Ha.

I put leave in from work today and I'm going to go for a day out :-) x

Have you been offered a laparoscopy for the endo and also to remove your cysts? Only then can you try and concieve as long as no perminent damage? Some Girls with endo can concieve, they just need to push for help.

Hi, I had a laparoscopy 18 months ago when they removed one cyst but didn't touch the endo. Current consultant said he won't operate as no one will ever be able to remove it all. I just want these cysts out now. Looking into research it seems that even if the endo was removed when it's stage IV this won't help fertility or pain...?! X

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