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Microgynon hasn't worked this time

Hi everyone

Well after having a laparoscopy and having my endometriosis excised my first period after was hellish, I finally fought and got the microgynon pill that I had taken off me about 5yrs after a DVT, that hadn't gone so well I've now had it taken back off me because of headaches and constant bleeding, I'm back to the hospital on Thursday and I know the consultant is going to ask me to go back onto zoladex but it was a nightmare the first time I tried it so it's a definite no no, I'm running out of options to try as I feel like I've tried practically everything, I am thinking that a hysterectomy is my only option which I don't want anymore children but I'm frightened this won't work.

I'm writing this as I sit with my hot water bottle and snuggie dopped up on codeine as I've been in agony for 3 weeks and my period has finally decided to turn 3 weeks late = extra pain and vomiting more than usual.

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