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Written warning for time off work


Hi is anyone else having problems staying out of trouble coz of time off ? I've had 3 opps to remove endo now losing my ovarie an tube appendix an gallbladder so many spells in hospital an weeks needed for recovery an all work want to do is stress me by dragging me in for long term sick interviews sending me to company doctor an finally putting me straight on written warning instead of oral warning !! No compassion or understanding an I've worked here for 20 years , I feel so down an I can feel its bk again , burning pee bloating fatique water retention cronic pelvic pain I live on solpadol as my body doesn't tolerate tramadol , I wondered if anyone else has same issues @ work ?

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You are not alone. I lost my big job after 17 years with the same company.

It's a tricky situation, certainly not fair to be treated by your employer that way, but then from their point of view, they do want to replace you with someone who is not going to be disappearing off sick so frequently either.

It's like they are blaming you personally as if you have any control of a chronic illness and choose to be off. The reality is that most of the time we are unwell waiting and waiting for the NHS to diangose us to operate on us and so on. All that time we are waiting we are getting worse not better.

The stress of disciplinaries is the last thing any patient needs on top of being ill. It really is a double punishment and downright cruel, but it happens to many of us.

If you are in the union then you must seek help and support from your union rep.

Might help to have a word with the citizens advice bureau too.

It could be that you come to some arrangement with your employer that you work a set number of reduced hours in the year, which are flexible so you work when you can and your take time off only when you need to. Keep notes of all your letters from your employer and anything that is said to you verbally regardless of who says it.

You might need to build up a case for constructive dismissal if they do get rid of you.

Do not use your work computers to access this website or any other websites in relation to your case. They can use that as misuse of company property and monitor what you are looking at.

which lets them off the hook when it comes to dismissing you for what is in reality a medical matter. If they can get rid of you without mentioning attendance they will rather do that to avoid them putting themselves at risk of a tribunal.

You are not being treated equally with colleagues with allowances made for your medical disabilities and you could start a case against your employer on those grounds under the Equality Act.

I know it's hard to even consider having to fight such battles when you have enough of a fight on your hands, but your emplyer is obligated to make allowances for your disabilities and treat you fairly. If they fail to do that then they will have to compensate you if you are dismissed due to medical non attendance.

Very best of luck.

I was just too ill to fight back when I got fired. I wish now I had fought tooth and nail, but in reality I wouldn't have been up to the job stresses anyway with my situation as it is now.

I'm sorry u had to go through it , I'm am in unite union an I'm appealing against the harshness of written warning , I work wiv mostly all men tho staff manager is a woman who I thought was a friend , I'm finding only fellow sufferers truely understand , my union rep says best thing is if they terminate me I can take them to tribunal but it all scares me , I have no family just my 2 sons , its them I worry for if I can't provide for them, I'd like to have my other ovarie an remaining tube an womb removed to stop further growth I'm not young nearly 47 so I'd be ok wiv that , just to feel what goes for normal again wud be great , right now on this shift work I can do up to 14 hours aday sometimes 8 days in a row my body just can't take it , hard enough when I was young but now feels like climbing a mountain ,, does having both ovaries make this endo stop ? Anyway thankyou so much 4 ur support , I've to go finish rest of my shift now til 1am ... Dreading it xx


I am in exactly the same situation! It is horrible and makes it so much more stressful. I just hate going to work now, when I used to love my job! I work in a place where there are only women, so you would think my Manager would be more understanding, but she isn't. Also there is another woman that works with me that has endo, but she isn't as bad. She can cope with her pains, whereas I am in constant pain. My Manager is always comparing me to her, which just isn't fair. Now they are on about demoting me, and dropping my hours because I am not "reliable"

I agree with everyone else about fighting your corner! It is difficult, but you come first, and you need to support your family. I hope everything goes OK for you. Good Luck! x

Hi thanks I will fight I've gone thro so much an I've worked hard over the years 4 my company it just seems so unfair I'm never late like other people an I don't have accidents like most of my male fellow workers , they know I'm on the level but still I will do wat I have to for my sons , its bad they are comparing you wiv the other lady , seems like my works no research into our illness just judgement , thanks 4 offer of help we all need each other to lift our moral ! Good luck to you an don't let them demote you xx

hi all. my advice would be to check what your company sickness policy says. i work for the nhs and it separates dealing with underlying conditions like endo and absences relating to this separately to unrelated sporadic absences like coughs colds flu etc. managing underlying conditions like endo in line with the policy would not allow warnings (like.you would.do for unrelated absences like.colds etc) to be issued but includes more actions like.reasonable.adjustments, and if that is exhausted then redployment and if that is exhaused and sickness continues and is affecting he service then ultimately your contract would be terminated with notice. but my view is that an employer should be seen to do as much as they can and whats reasonable to retain you at work or bring you back to work before further action.is taken. hope that helps. i definately think youbhave been treated unfairly and qould seek further advice.

I have no helpful advice for you as I've been there 3 times. Only ever had 3 jobs, once in a pharmacy when I was still at college. I walked out from there because at the time I was being sick every morning due to my acid reflux so I'd ring and say sorry I'll be about 10 mins late I've just thrown up. I get a letter in my pay packet saying if I have any more time off I'll get the sack. This was from the head pharmacist who dishes out my prescriptions so knew what was wrong with me before hiring me.

The second I worked in a very busy pub. I dislocated my knee cap whilst at work and my boss didn't believe me and made me work 4 hours after that. I then had time off for "period pain" and got the sack because he said I was lazy and made up illnesses to get out of working. He then accused me of stealing alcohol which was the icing on the cake. I would never steal, he had zero proof just said it was me because I lie anyway. I did nothing about it at the time, I was only 18-19. I loved working there but the boss was an arse! My third job again was in another pub and I told them all about my hyper-mobility syndrome before starting work so that if I injured myself they'd understand. I got the sack from there because I would "dance on the bar" like the other girls that worked there. I pointed out how dangerous this was for me to do with elastic joints but they were having none of it.

I am now setting up a business, if I'm my boss then I can't be accused of lying! I've now realised with all my health problems there's not a chance in hell I'd hold down a proper job so I thought of something I can do from home in my own time.

I'm sorry you are struggling with work, it's hard because as others have said, they need somebody there to work. Maybe ask if you can hire somebody to job share with you? Or ask to go part time flexy hours?

Hope you get it sorted xxx

missteal in reply to missteal

*wouldn't dance

Its true my works are more understanding wiv some illnesses like cancer , stroke etc, my staff manager told me not to get down as @ least it wasn't a form of cancer . Making out in fact that I was lucky ! My union rep explained to her that special understanding was required wiv an she was having non of it as my last bout of sick time was becoz I had vertigo the most awful dizziness I've ever experience in my life , which I researched an found links to endo, but she wasn't interested but as I pointed out I can't drive a london double decker wiv my head spinning ! ... X

I'm sure I've read something this week about someone setting up an organisation to help with this exact problem... I've been looking and can't find it but someone else may know what I'm talking about?? I'll keep looking and let you know if I can find... Xx

Chiligirl in reply to Chiligirl

Maybe ask endometriosis Uk if they have heard of anything set up to help support people at work... Xx

Thanks that wud be great xx

Hi, this isn't what I was looking for but might be helpful to you anyway: endometriosis-uk.org/downlo...

I to am having the exact same problem at work so I completely understand how your feeling, I too have been put on an official warning so I am now looking into other financial options and if I claim for benefits ect to help. When you have this condition no one other than other suffers can truly understand how ill it makes you and it is the last thing you need when you feel so ill fighting your cause at work. Big hugs xx

Hi hun, sorry to hear ur in same boat as me ! The worry keeps me awake its so unfair I mean its all documented wiv hosp papers an doc certs but its like they just don't believe or care .I'm off sick again as had a bad turn an now my doc is testing for lupus an heart probs I'm just not doing so well , I hate to think what work has up there sleeve now !!!! Best get myself that solicitor asap !!! Hugs to u xxx

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