Microgynon 30 for three month trial?

Hi all, 

I had my gynae appointment and he was reluctant to do the laporoscopy without trying Microgynon 30 first. He has prescribed me it for three months or "three cycles" as he called it.

When I went to collect the tablets from my usual doctor she asked me if I am supposed to run the Microgynon 30 for three cycles (with no period) or use them normally and a period every 21 days. She asked because the gynae hadn't written it on the form! He didn't tell me either!

Has anyone else been prescribed Microgynon 30 for a three month trial to treat endometreosis? If so, do we run the pills or have a break every 21 days?

Thanks in advance! 

P.s. Hilariously he said his best advice is to get pregnant and have a baby as this will give me a high percentage chance of never having the endometreosis back again......He obviously missed the part where I said i haven't be able to have sex for 2yrs due to the chronic pain!!

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  • Hi I was prescribed microgynon last July to try and ease my symptoms. I take them each month with the week break. It's only made my periods more regular but unfortunately hasn't done anything else. 

  • Thank you for replying. 

    I am pretty "regular" anyway, it is just flipping agony. The gynae is confident the Microgynon 30 will help. I'm not so sure.

  • Hopefully it will help you. I'm starting to learn that everyone's bodies react to endo and treatments differently. Seems to be something they have to tick off the list as having tried before they move onto the bigger stuff. Wish you well xx 

  • Hello.

    Really, I was using mycrogynon for few years as a normal contraception method before I found out I have endometriosis. I don't think mycrogynon is a solution. Is your gynaecologist specialized in endometriosis?

  • I was diagnosed with endometriosis in January after my laporosocopy and put on Microgynon. I have to take it continuously for 3 months and then have the week break. 

  • You're meant to take it back to back with no break as it stops you from ovulating which is when the pain is worse and the endo forms x

  • Believe me it does reduce the pain it does work x

  • I was on it for around 15 years. When I came off that's when I realised I had endo. It came on so quickly. After a lap they told me I had been riddled with it and wanted me to go back on it but refused. I have gone the alternative way and after 1.5 years I think I have it under control. Organic apple cider vinegar. I take some morning and night and I believe it has really helped me more than anything else 

  • Hi there, I tricycle my Mycrogynon on advice from my surgeon, being doing it for about a year and had my lap 4 months ago. I take 3 packs back to back so have a break for a period every 63 days. It didn't change my symptoms (my lap did) but it does mean you don't have to suffer every month. I still get pain most days so for me it doesn't do anything for the actual endo but I'm at my worst when I'm on my period so having fewer periods helps in a different way x

  • After being diagnosed by having a laparoscopy and trying various treatments, I tried M for a couple of years; back to back for 3months then a week break. It didn't make much difference for me just no period for a longer time as others have mentioned. Everyone's body will react differently. For me, it masked the endo problem and I also found out I had high bp when I went for a repeat prescription so I came off it. I don't know if bp was a result of medication. I think it is very important to find a Consultant who understands and specialises in endo. Also who is willing to listen to you and explore all options.  I've found adapting my diet has helped my pain and strengthened my body rather than taking medication. I read a lot beforehand and saw a nutrionist for guidance. Wish you all the best with your journey xx 

  • Thank you all for your replies, sadly the gynaecologist I saw is not specialized in endometriosis. I am (slowly) adapting my diet to be gluten and vegan, it's difficult but I'm getting there!

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