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My lap hasn't worked, please help. I don't know what to do next.

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I had my lap ten days ago and the same pains have been back with me for about a week now. Despite the consultant saying he had removed all the endo, it clearly hasn't worked. I am now on permanent dioclefenac and am now SO depressed. I have just started on the mini pill ( 3 days so far), but I suffer daily pelvic pain on either side as well as burning sensations, so can't see how that will help as the pain is not linked with my periods.

I can feel myself sink further into a feeling of helplessness, and don't know which way to turn now. I don't want to be on painkillers forever just to have a normal life.

14 Replies
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Hi Mitch 10 days is way to early to tell how ur op has went. Altho I'm not saying it's not endo but it would need to be few wks before u knew for sure. I've had 2ops with no relief but I've got deep endo nodules still around with severe inflammation so trying to see a specialist for now. Try to take it easy for now and hopefully u start to recover well. Took me weeks to feel a bit normal again. X

I felt okay-ish right after mine. Until my next period. I had to call off work, it was the worst pain I have had in years. I was so mad, i kept thinking "the surgery was suppose to HELP me, so why do I hurt so badly?!!!" The following month, back in bed and vomiting because the pain was so bad. I am rather scared for this next period... :(

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The other two posts are rights you will still be bruised and very sore from all the work that was done and remember surgeons are rarely gentle when you are under anaesthetic. However you could be suffering from nerve pain and there are drugs that might help with that in the long term. I've been taking gabapentine for my pain since Christmas and the pain has definitely eased. My pain is due to adhesions (we think) as I've had everything out (hysterectomy and ovaries). There are other posts about these nerve pain killers - I think there are a few you can try if one doesn't suit. I'm not saying that's what you need as its still early days but if you are still in pain in a month or so it may be something that you could try.

I avoided these drugs for a while as I didn't like to admit that the pain was going to be there after all the surgeries I've had but I have to say they have improved my quality of life as has having everything out.

Hope this helps as it gives you another option once you've healed.

Good luck and take it easy and try to rest.

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I'm sorry u are still in pain when is your follow up. You may wanna read up on Adenomyisis I got diagnosed with this in jan with my 6th lap for my endo. This was the reason behind my pain mid cycle xx

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I hope to give you some hope: just after the op I had quite a lot of pain and the first two periods were even worse than before the op. It all started to get better after that. I do think that the worse your situation is the worse the bruises the op causes and of course the longer it takes to recover fully. They basically scratched your insides to take the endo away, can you imagine how scarred your organs must be? Don't get desperate just yet.... it may get better soon!!! I would start to worry after a couple of months from surgery

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morgan_13 in reply to federica

Thank you I've just wrote a post simular to this, so upset atm about it all. this gives me hope x

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Hi Mitch,

you've recently had surgery so you're bound to be in a lot of pain, and that pain will last for weeks, it's completely normal what you are feeling. I felt like you, after 1 1/2weeks I went back to my GP as I felt so ill and in so much pain, she looked at my hospital notes and told me not to under estimate how much surgery I'd had done, major surgery, prob similar to yours, and that I should be taking 8 paracetamol a day as well as 60 mg of codeine, which is the equivalent to the morphine I was being given in hospital, and to also REST, she actually said, "Go home and be a patient " so take your meds, rest and give it a few more weeks.

Lisa xx

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Thank you to everyone for replying, I am trying to stay positive but failing miserably. I think I am also making it worse by being so stressed out about it and I can feel that I am tensing everything up in that area which of course is causing more pain I suspect.

I am shaking as I write this, which is ridiculous, but I have got myself into a rut which is now a vicious circle.

Don't know how I will ever get back to being myself again.

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I had my lap last week and my consultant said that my first period would probably be sore as although you may look like you have healed a lot on the outside your insides are still tender. Your hormones are still working their magic for your period and coupled with inflamed areas you will feel some pain.

Honestly don't be worrying until your next few.

Strong pain relief and a hot water bottle darling and hopefully you feel relief soon xx

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morgan_13 in reply to Kell27

I think the consultants need to prepare us more, my consultant basically scared me about future pregnancy injected me with a zoladex and sent me home, with no advice :( from reading all your response's i'm starting to feel better now. ive been reading all sorts of articles/journals all week :/

wish my consultant told me this information x

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Hi I sympathise and know what you are going through, I have been there too three times. The first time I heard this I knew it hadn't all gone and when I was at my gp,s a few weeks later he let me read the letter surgeons send to gp,s and it stated endometriosis left on PoD. Second time I heard this (2nd gynea) I knew instantly as I was still in the hospital that it all hadn't gone. Couple months on I went to a different gynea (3rd in 18 months) and few months later he excised the huge PoD nodule the second surgeon left behind and then was told again it has all gone. So that's 3 times for me and I still know it hasn't all gone. They lye to us to make themselves look good and to keep a good name for themselves and most are incapable of removing it all too. I think of endo as a peice of steak on a plate. The person eats it and says it's all gone, like surgeons do with endo, but in reality there a little bits of steak left on the plate just like there will always be little bits of endo left behind. I don't think they will ever remove 100% of it for us cause of the lack of skill these so called 'experts' (I laugh to myself) lack. It disgusts me every single day the state they leave us in ruining our lives as they happily rake in a fantastic wage in return for sh.t. servic. I am sorry for your ongoing pain, you would at least expect to go in for an operation and come out better just like everyone else does for any other operation, other than of course women's endo. X

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I'm afraid that after 10 days you are still healing and it's very early days, I hope you feel better soon

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Post op depression is very common too - it is brought about by the general anaesthetic process, and is not something you have any control over when it hits you- so anti-depressants can be a help - definitely speak to your GP about this and the pains.

The pains are part of the healing process - they do get worse before getting better but you do need the right types of pain killers for those bad days.

Because post op depression is so very common you GP will be very familiar with that and will assess you and talk you through your options.

See your GP as soon as you can. Help is available - but you will need to see your GP to get that help.

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hi.ladies im goin thru da same agonising pain wth periods.gynae gv injection to stop period.pain takes a different turn.nw it cums wth bowel movement, walking a bit worried. postpone twice my ops.mine is sitin on rectum wall.scared fr colostomy I tink after readin al u brave ladies dt wen through it .im goin in nex month.pls reply if any ladies hd theirs on rectum n hd colostomy bag.i feel im too young fr it.dr gona removr all.pls reply soon tnx

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