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Scared for the future


Hi everyone sorry for yet another post. So many questions as this is the first time since I was 16 I have found people to talk to who are going throug the same as me. Basically with endo there is risk of fertility. I have always wanted children and all my siblings have children it's all Iv ever really wanted in life to be a mother. When I found out I might have endo and there's a chance my fertility could be affected my heart sunk. My boyfriend I know isn't ready for a child but it's all I can think about, with my sister only a couple of weeks away from giving birth I feel like I could just cry. I guess knowing that there's a chance I might not be able to conceive straight away if at all it makes me want to start trying. Instead of trying in a few years to find out it might not happen or it may take longer. I was just wondering if anyone is having the same kind of experience or any advice? Me and my boyfriend have spoken about children in the future but ever since I have found out about my endo all I can think about is having children sooner rather than later. Sorry to go on I hope everyone is doing ok. Xx

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Hi Hun have you had a lap yet? If so did they excise the endo? If they did then you should be fine. If endo is left untreated then it could impact on fertility. Until you know for sure that you do have endo please don't worry . If you do have endo then so long as it is excised there shouldn't be a problem.

Hi Soph

I completely understand I was 18 when I was diagnosed and much like you all I wanted to do was have children and when I was diagnosed all I really wanted to do was start trying for a child and at around the same time my cousin found out she was pregnant and I honestly felt like my heart had broken but when my cousin had her daughter she asked me to be her godmother and I honestly wouldn't change her for the world she has really helped for me to put all of my mothering instincts into her for the time being until I try to have my own children, I think waiting until you are both ready is the best way forward. I know how difficult it is to want to jump in head first and try straight away but I think that the key is waiting and being patient as difficult as it maybe.

Hope this helps

if you need anyone to talk to feel free to send me a message

Jamie xxx

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