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Time to conceive, age started trying & grade of endo? Personal experiences greatly appreciated to help me decide when to stop the pill?

Hi every1, I just wondered if any1 could share there fertility stories on trying to conceive? I know every1s different, but wanted to see if there's any patterns in relation to age & the grade of endo!?

I'm 27, with grade 3 endo & my tubes are not blocked, deciding when to come off the pill and start trying!?



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Hi there im twenty so I am quite young in a lot of people's eyes, but I have endo tubes not blocked, I had it excised five months ago, I concieved while I had Endo and my pregnancy was planned, I was taking the pill and when I got married I stopped taking it , it took me two months to fall , I have a perfectly healthy little boy. If you feel like you are ready to have a baby and it suits your lifestyle then trying would be lovley , but there is no rush, I have seen ladies on here with terrible stage four endo yet they have been able to concieve , it's a compltely personal choice , some women fall very fast others can take a longtime even if they don't have endo , so I wouldn't panic if it doesn't happen straight away either, goodluck with everything x


Congratulations on your little boy! That definatley gives me hope, thank you x

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I think its a personal thing for when you and your partner are ready physically and mentally.

I have stage 4 and at 24 as i had been told my tubes was blocked too i had ivf. Unfortunately i had a miscarriage. Then two years ago after my fifth lap one of ny tubes was unblocked so we started trying naturally it took a year and i fell last june but unfortunately for me it was eptopic and it was in my good tube so chances are slim to none again but i fell naturally which i never thought would happen after the years of pain and heartache. And u never know it may happen again one day i havent lost all hope.

But as i say its a personal journey and only u can decide. Im glad i started early. But have faith remain positive and be patient it will happen when it happens. Good luck xxx


thank you for taking the time to share your story, this gives me hope and it's great that you have such a positive outlook... I need to be more like this! Good luck for the future x


Hi Laura,

I'm 33 (my husband is 28) and wasn't diagnosed until I was 31-I had a lap in Nov 2013 and wasn't ready to start trying for children. I went on provera for 6 months with the view to trying to conceive after treatment (and our wedding). My endo was fortunately not affecting my reproductive organs, I am stage 4, mainly found in the pouch of douglas. I think there are so many factors that affect your decision to start trying-the main being that you and your partner are ready and not panicking that this may be your only chance-but again it depends on the extent and location of your endo as well as 'normal' factors like you and your partners health, how long you have been on the pill etc. I came off provera in June 2014 and conceived in November 2014. Unfortunately I miscarried in February but began trying again in March and am currently 6 weeks pregnant and keeping everything crossed that this one goes full term. I wish you lots of luck. x


Congratulations on your pregnancy! That's great news! Keeps me thinking positively and got some big decisions to make x good luck x


I'm 31 and currently 6 weeks pregnant. We have been trying for 18 months but I had a lap in January which freed up my ovary which was stuck to my stomach lining and various adhesions and spots of endometriosis were gotten rid of. They said with my tummy in that state would have been hard to conceive. They say up to six months after your lap is the best time to try so everything is clear and free from endo. xxx good luck and have fun trying x


Congratulations on your pregnancy! That's great news! We will have fun trying too x


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