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Hi all I'm new here and recently found out I possibly have endrimetrosis. I'm absolutely terrified that this will stop me from ever having children of my own and feel so low and down about it all. I don't feel like my fiancé understands and I don't feel like he is very supportive at all. He has a little 5 year old son of his own and although I love him as if he wa my own I still want to be able to have my own children. Any support or guidance would be great as I'm just feeling terribly depressed about it all :(


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Hey !

I hope my answer will be helpful. I am sorry to hear how you feel.

I know it is really hard to wait for a final diagnosis, my months and days waiting were awful and I had to start to see a therapist and do some meditation and yoga. Have you started any medical investigation ? Do fight, sometimes it is really hard to get an accurate diagnosis.

Maybe, talk to a doctor about it, someone you trust, he/she will be able to reassure you i think. A lot of women achieve to have children even with endometriosis. Sometimes it takes energy and time but a lot of solutions are possible to help you to have a child naturally or with medical help.

Endo is quite widespread in my family. My auntie had two children naturally and my stepmother one. You can find a lot of testimonials of women having children on the web as well.

Good luck through this long medical journey, a lot of support and positive vibes for you.



Basically what Emma said. Go and talk to a doctor about your options.

Then at least you know what to expect and how to plan for it.

Good luck 😊

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Hi, please try not to worry. Many women with endometriosis go on to have kids, many more have kids and don't even realise they have endo.

I had stage 4 endo (severe) and concurrent adenomyosis. I have had 4 laparoscopies, several hormone treatments and was headed for a laparotomy which could have ended with hysterectomy (I was first told I would need a hyst to get better at 27).

We had thought we had no chance. However we fell pregnant really quickly at 30 despite all of the endo history. This happens frequently so all is not lost. I spent 6 years in and out of hospital, I was very stressed/depressed about it all and I wish now that I hadn't put so much energy into all that...

What worked for me was being proactive - I went on the endo diet (low animal oestrogen intake), did fertility acupuncture, lost weight (as excess increases oestrogen & makes endo worse) and because I knew my cycle was irregular I did bbt tracking which helped us to be trying at the right time. We both stopped drinking entirely and took pregnacare vitamins.

If all of those things don't work to lower symptoms/improve fertility, fertility treatment is very good and has helped a lot of couples. I would say try sooner rather than later to give yourselves the best chance and the most time to work on it.

I'm sitting with the baby I never thought I would have so believe me it can happen.

Enjoy your life and don't let the worry take over, your time will come. X

Ps as Emma said the 'not knowing' can be really tough going. You will probably go through General gynae for an investigative lap, once you know either way things will be a lot better.


Thank you ladies for sharing your advice and stories with me. I'm feeling a bit better this morning about everything and will try to be a bit more positive about it all xx

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Hi Vicky, just wanted to say everybody is different but it is possible. I have endo and adenomyosis and have a gorgeous 3 year old. It took us over a year of trying and I very nearly gave up. Go to your doctor/gyn and see what they can do to investigate how well everything is working. As for your fiancé, he may be like my partner who does care and wants to understand but finds it hard to talk about things like this and feels helpless when he sees me in so much pain every month. If I had a broken leg he would be on it and so full of advice, with this he can only hold my hand through the pain and get my heat pack!! Anyway, just wanted to give you a positive story (actually a friend of mine that also has endo had two children through ivf) so go to see your doctor and talk through next steps. Best of luck with whatever you decide to do xxxx


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