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What are the real risks of having treatment for abnormal cells on the cervix?

I've had countless problems with pain/periods for years and was finally diagnosed with endo last year. I recently had a colposcopy where they found abnormal cells on my cervix. I had no treatment at the time as I had never had a smear test before and the nurse wanted to do one and get the results back first. The results of the smear test came back abnormal and I'm booked in to have 'treatment' on the abnormal cells in a couple of weeks.

I was just wondering if anyone else has had this done? I don't really know very much about it but the nurse did say that the treatment can cause difficulties in trying to get pregnant. I'm only 19 and children are definitely not an option for the forseeable future but I've always wanted to be a mum one day and I'm worried that the treatment, combined with the problems endo has with fertility, means that I won't be able to conceive.

Any advice welcomed with open arms!


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If it's endo you have, it will cause problems, depending how bad your endo is will be the answer for that, you. An have a fertility test done after your treatment, if it is endo you will have a laperoscopy, I also have the fear of infertility, but they do say pregnancy can be won't of the best medicines for endo and can stop it returning, it's just hard to get pregnant, but everyone is different. As for a fertility test after your treatment is my advi, that's what I'm doing a s I want to start trying soon

Hope this helps xx


Hi there I had lletz treatment about 5 years ago for cin 3 (abnormal cells). They basically burn off the bad cells under local anaesthetic so you feel nothing. The procedure is done in about 20 mins. I have been clear ever since as I now get a smear once a year to make sure. I already had my family when I got it done and the doctor never once asked if I was going to have more kids or mention that it could cause problems in the future so I would get a second opinion on that! If you have endo then that might possibly cause problems conceiving but it would depend on where you have the endo. As I said you should ask for a second opinion as you're very young and don't want to have to worry about all these things right now. Hope this helps x


Hi I had the treatment when I was in my 20s and I am now in my 40s. I had 3 kids in my 30s. It is not thta bad compared with other things since so dont panic. Been clear since.



I have Endo and PCOS. I had two children before being told I had severe pre cancerous cells on my cervix. I had these treated by a "loop cone biopsy" in 1997. I then went on to have my third child in 2000.

All my smear tests have come back clear since then. Unfortunately I'm still battling the Endo though!



Thank you all for your replies! You've really calmed me down and given me some perspective. Hopefully all will be okay, I just feel like they don't take your concerns for the future seriously when you're young! Definitely going to get a second opinion on the whole thing anyway and see how I get on.

Thank you all again ladies!



I've just found out 2day I have abnormal cells they say on the letter it's only small changes but still abit worrying, got to go 4 a colposcopy on 14 nov


hi, im 25 i got diagnosed with stage 4 endo having a lap, been trying for a baby for two years now, just found out by the dye test my tubes have been damaged because of the endo, thats going to make it difficult to conceive, next step is to do a balloon procedure to try and open them, hopefully i fall pregnant soon, im so happy i had a baby when i was 19.

i know people that have had a baby after being diagnosed, just depends on how badly it has affected your reproductive system, im sure you'll be fine xx


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