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Endometriosis / polycystic ovaries

Hi, I am just wondering if anyone can help. I have suffered with pains for the last 5 years I'm in so much agony every two weeks on my left side. Eventually I have had a scan last year n was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries. I went private to see a gynae as I was getting no where on nhs they kept telling me it was ovulation pain.. I have not been able to conceive.. I then had a laparoscopy which showed I had a small amount of endometriosis overlapping my bladder.. They can remove it but said its a risky operation. I'm just in so much pain, I have put on lots of weight n skin has gone really bad.. They referring me to see a fertility specialist. I can't deal with this pain xx

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Hi Jenz - so sorry to hear you're in so much pain. I was diagnosed with endo 7 years ago and have had similar to yourself, pains which were quite different to "normal", and lets face it we get to know our bodies and our own different pains. I'd feel like my ovaries were on fire or ready to burst. I was told I did not have PCOS at first but then 2 years after at another internal scan, the nurse said "oh so you have PCOS aswell then" this was a shock and then found out the doctors had messed up, yes I had it. Nothing much done about them to be honest, and recently had a lap to remove endo / adhesions and separate ovaries from the pelvic wall. so i'm in a lot of pain too right now, you're not alone

whilst I am not in the same position as you in in terms of trying to conceive - (I need a man for that hehe :) sadly I cant relate to you there but wish you all the best darling.

are you on medication or painkillers at all ? xx


Thankyou danni, yes I had to have internal aswell because the normal scans don't show up sometimes.. It takes over your life. I hope your ok after your op and not in too much pain. I have been on lots of medication they all make me drowsy given me tramadol now xxxx


I take tramadol like paracetamol. the only thing that touches me I do think they are good just make sure you eat with them!

I do hope they start to give you some relief very soon!

it really does take over your life even though we fight everyday for it not to! and to be as "normal" as we can

Message on here when you feel down or want a rant. always on here for a chat


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its the same with me aswell.. the things we have to put up with! my consultant said the only thing that will cure it is pregnancy, thankyou so much I hope you feel some relief now after your operation xxx :)



I understand your pain, believe me I do! And also your frustration. It took me over a year to get a GP to listen to me. Because I've had children, every GP I saw put it down to 'Pains of being a mother' which really irritated me, because no other mothers I knew couldn't get out of bed some days because of crippling tummy pain. Eventually I got a scan to show POCS, but I knew something else was wrong, so I kept pressing and eventually go refereed to GYNE who decided to do a lap. The surgery went fine and I got the diagnosis of endo. They cleared what they could out whilst I was under the anesthetic, but I still struggle with flare ups. The sad part is, there's really not much that can be done. Most gp's will recommend going on birth control to stablise hormones but I don't like birth control so I won't entertain it, and obviously it's not an option for people who want to conceive. I take codeine and ibuprofen for the pain when I have a flare up. My friend says tens machine helps her, and also a hot water bottle and heat pads are also great. I hope you get some answers and feel better soon. Take care.

Stacey x


Hi, I was diagnosed with PCOS last year but my gynae told me the pain I experience will not be due to PCOS and that it sounds like endometriosis. I am having a laparoscopy next month to confirm whether or not I have it. I would say the pains you're having is due to the endometriosis, as pain can get worse during ovulation and your period. Have you tried making changes to your diet? I found cutting down on carbohydrates helped me. Hope this helps. xxx


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