Suspected Endometriosis

Hi All

I'm new here and not diagnosed yet but suspect I may have endometriosis.

I have been having a few issues over the last few weeks were during exercise i get a really intense cramp/sharp pain in my lower abdomen/back. I have been doing the same bootcamp for 2 1/2 years and have never had this problem. I went to the doctor a few weeks ago who ruled out a uti and told me it might be muscular so I took a break from bootcamp but when i went back pain happened again. I've been on the pill and then a progesterone only pill and implant since I was 15 as my periods were so bad very painful causing me to nearly faint. I had my implant removed a week and a half before the pains started which made me question if that was a link so while doing research Endometriosis seems to tick all the boxes symptoms wise so I think it may be a possibility. Did anyone else have any symptoms like the above? I do get cramping/pain and some times a feeling of pressure throughout the month and bloating everyday pretty much but have put these down to other issues and kind of just dealt with them but after doing my research am thinking they may not have been what I thought.

I am due to see the GP again tomorrow and was wondering did anyone have any problems getting referred or is there anything I can do to insure my doctor refers me.


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  • hello there and welcome to the site. with the symptoms you described I had the back pain, severe cramping, bloating and feeling of pressure. I found after countless doctors trying everything first the way I got referred was I broke down and told them it was effecting my life too much and needed something done bout it, I was then referred to consultant who I told the same to and I was booked in for surgery not long after and diagnosed with endometriosis. it all depends on your doctor but my advice is to be persistent with them coz they will try fob you off. I hope this helps and sorry if went on and on lol xx

  • Thanks for the response. Ya I think I'm going to just tell him I want to be referred and not leave until I get one! I've been to the doctored before with symptoms and been told it was IBS due to a bad case of food poisoning I've had but now I'm not so sure as I get issues no matter what I eat. The more I read about it the more it sounds like what I have and with the timing of these additional pains starting when I excersie with coming off birth control which they give you to treat it anyway it just seems a bit coincidental. I just want to get it checked so I can rule it out or get on top of it thanks for the reply hope you getting on a better with it now :) x

  • Hi Hun you sound just like me, mine started with back and leg problems thought it was the exercise I was doing, I also get a pressure feeling down below certain times and bloating etc, mine have been in going now for 3 years, In total I have had all the symptons at different times. At the moment I'm feeling quite ok but I'm booked in for a laporoscopy in 2 weeks time and I don't know what to do. If you can get referred make sure you go to a bgse centre that deals with endo. XXXX

  • Hi thanks Awh hopefully they can sort it for you, even just to confirm it or not. Glad your doing ok at the minute. Ya I've had all of the symptoms other than difficulty getting pregnant as I haven't tested that one! And a lot of issues I have seen to link back to it but they could have been other things as well so have kinda just brushed them off and dealt with it but I just want to know if it is or not as want to have kids at some point so would like to get on top of it now :) yes I've seen that mentioned I've got a lists of the ones where I live to bring with me xx

  • Did it take you long to get a referral? X

  • My doctor has been fantastic she suspected endo straight away and sent me for scans, blood tests etc, I got refered straight away to the bgse centre and have been there since Christmas but they would only try all the hormone stuff before surgery, I've had the coil, pill and they wanted me to have prostop but I choose not to have that. Have you been to the doctors xx

  • Just been this morning he's referred me for an ultrasound but he's not convinced it is endometriosis as I've only have the pain when I exercise I tried to tell him that I do have pains at other times and that its just really intense when I exercise but he says it goes against it. He did tell me though that I can look up what pathway I can go down and I can tell the doctor if I want to have something done so at least he is willing to send me for these things, I already know that the problem is worse without hormones as it started after I had my implant taken out. I'm going to get the ultrasound and then ask them to refer me on further, I just want to know either way if it is or isn't so I can deal with it but I know there's definitely something not right. Sorry for the long post xx

  • Don't apologise Hun you can message me any time we are in the same boat at some point, I find when I do much I pay for it the next day I used to be really fit and active and I really struggle now cause it causes more pain. Don't be sad if they don't find anything on the scans as endo doesn't show up, only cysts etc I've had 3 vaginal scans 2 pelvic scans and bladder and kidney and nothing showed up, my doctor did warn me of that. So lap time xxx

  • Thanks ya I have been doing it for 2 1/2 years and never had this but came off my birth control(I had the implant) and within a week pain had started. Ya I have read that they can be clear but at least process has started xx

  • Best get it started Hun, have you tried any other hormones? I can't have any they all make me have side effects. Good luck and keep us posted how you get on. Xxxx

  • No I was put on the combined pill when I was 15 because of my periods then was taken off about 4 years ago because of blood pressure then went on to ceresete then the implant. Thanks I'll let you know xx

  • Hi I have got my appointment for my ultrasound scan it's in 3 weeks which is not a long wait which is good :) it's going to be a trans vaginal ultrasound, has anyone ever had this and what is it like I've not have any internal examinations just a smear test which was a little uncomfortable. How did ye find having this done? Thanks X

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