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Hi everyone,

I've been reading your posts and replies and wondered whether you might be able to help me?

I'm 21 and for the last year or so, I've been getting painful periods. Nothing majorly painful, but I used to be so lucky and not have any problems, so it's got worse. Then, since the summer, I've had periods bad enough to cause me to need to stay in bed for a day or so. Then, this time, it was so bad. There was a day when I was walking home from my lecture and I thought I would collapse because I was in so much pain.

It's kind of a generalised stomach pain and nausea, although I have had periods of really severe cramps in my stomach and chest. I've also felt really breathless.

I've had constant nausea and pain for about 2 weeks now, and also, the tops of my legs have started to ache and my head hurts. I am so tired I've needed 12 hours' sleep this week, whereas normally I don't even need 8. I've been really thirsty and generally felt 'rubbish' and unable to eat much because that makes the nausea worse.

I tried taking Ibuprofen and that didn't make any difference, nor did anti-acid stuff. The Dr told me it was just sever period pain and to take ibuprofen regularly throughout the day, but I've finished my period now, and if anything, it's got slightly worse. I'm going to see a female Dr next week (if I last that long), but I'm not sure whether I should ask about Endo or IBS?

Can anyone relate to any of this?

Thank you very much :-)

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IBS is just doctor speak for something wrong with the bowels that we can't diagnose. If you look at the actual symptoms, its anything that could possibly go wrong with the bowels and the is no specific diagnosis. My doctor insisted I had IBS 3 years ago, it was endometriosis and has only recently been diagnosed.

You definitely shouldn't accept a diagnosis of just a bad period, but don't rely on a female GP being any better, some of them aren't. Insist you get an ultrasound, although this rarely shows endometriosis it could rule out other things. It could be endometriosis but there are probably other things it could be.

Have you any other symptoms that you may think are unrelated? I was getting sore throat, headaches, inability to concentrate on anything (really basic things) and extreme tiredness every time I had a period and about the time I was ovulating for years. These were due to endometriosis but my doctors wouldn't accept there could be a gynaecological cause even once I realised there was a pattern.

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Thank you very much for your advice :)

Yes, sorry. I shouldn't have generalised! I will definitely ask for an ultrasound when I go.

Yes, my head has been really bad today, although that pain has only been today, not the whole couple of weeks. My throat is fine, though.

What you say about IBS is interesting and very true when you research it.

Thank you


Hi NW248. I would love to know how you got diagnosed with Endometriosis? I've had an ultrasound but I am aware it's a laparoscopy that is the gold standard in diagnosing it. Thanks


I had an internal examination where the consultant could feel the lumps, but also had an MRI. MRI's can find most cases of endometriosis and are better at finding it in the pouch of douglas and where the endometriosis is sticking bits together so can't be seen with a lap.

Obviously MRI's are being used more now because they are a much simpler procedure for all involved and needless to say are far cheaper.


Thank you for your reply NW248. Appreciate the information.


It would be worth asking for your GP to explore both. Your symptoms unfortunately are more of Endo so make sure you don't get fobbed off by saying it is menstrual problems that you will just have to deal with pain relievers. The sooner you get investigated the better. Good luck


Your symptoms unfortunately are indicative of endometriosis. Dont allow yourself to be brushed off. Make sure you push to get tested, hopefully this next doctor you see will be more understanding. Either way though, insist on screen testing. Wish you all the luck x


Thank you very much for your replies!

I will take your advice and make sure I am properly referred :)


Hi Pinkant I would love to know how you got on with your GP and where are are now with your symptoms etc if they managed to find out that is was endometriosis. Please don't think me prying, I have similar symptoms and a friend told me recently it could be endometriosis. Thanks Shibby


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