Fed up day

Hi ladies, sorry for the rant just having a fed up day! I'm 4 days post op my 2nd lap where they've done lots of adhesiolysis between my bowel and pelvis, struggling with pain and side effects of strong painkillers... Vicious circle, not often I have an unhappy day I usually just keep going but I'm particularly fed up today! Hope your Saturdays are bearable ladies and pain as under control as it can be 😊 xxx

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  • I feel the same we both don't like to complain nor just stop the up and go I understand how u feel soz I can't help u feel better I share the same feelings as u xxx

  • Thanks xxx

  • I hope you manage to get your pain under control, be kind to yourself, 4 days post lap is still early days xx

  • Thanks xxx

  • No I'm with u huni feeling sick and had no sleep not good at all fed up too I'l join u lol xxx

  • rw01 Hi was just wondering if you have any relief now from the Adhesiolysis? I had a lot done on my right side of colon 4 days ago and the pain in that area is playing up massively. Trying to work out if it is surgery healing or if she missed a bit or something...

  • hi, it took a good 3-4 weeks for mine to settle down its ok now much better than before I can really tell the difference 😊 I hope you settle soon, keep up with your pain relief though xxx

  • Thanks! That's good to know! Just so glad I pushed and pushed for them to do the lap as I knew something was going on! 

    I had two patches of endo removed too and there was a mention of adenymyosis on my report but won't know more until my follow up...

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