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Fed up


Hi ladies,

I am 2 weeks and a day post operation and am fed up. I've been to my gp twice as have had numbness and pain in left thigh since about 5 days after the operation. One said it is possible nerve damage from the operation and the other thinks it might be muscular pain. They both said if I lose control of my bowels or bladder I need to go to a&e. Sounds like nerve damage to me, any thoughts? Going back to gp Monday to see if I can get a straight answer. Also due for my period tomorrow and the dull achy pains I've got are horrid. Sorry for the long post, just needed to vent x

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Hi, i am 2wks and two days post lap, and also have left groin area numb, i'm pretty sure its the nerves as i ahve an incision on the left side but higher up and so it makes perfect sense. Also many yrs ago i had an emergency c section and i used to have numbness below the incicion line. How were your results, mine found no endo but adhesions and a fibroid. Not sure if will be a big improvement however a friend who has had 3 laps said i must give myself 6 weeks before i expect to feel ok from all the dsturbances etc.

Try not to worry about the numbness otherwise you just add to your anxiety. You will most likely feel prickly sensations as it slowly returns.

all the best



Thanks Mel, it's nice to feel a bit more reassured. Sorry to hear you have numbness too. They found 2 patches of endometriosis at the back of my uterus, a right paratubal cyst and my bowel was attached to adhesions. I think I stupidly thought I would feel better by now, but it's only been just over 2 weeks so need to let myself heal I suppose Wishing you better as well x x


I had a total hysterectomy and excision surgery in November.

I have a numb area on the left side of my tummy and thigh. I also get horrendous shoting pàin down the front of my thigh when I stand up.

I have been prescribed some medication to help with the pain. I just hope the nerve pain isn't permanent !

Good luck x

Ouch sorry to hear that 😞 Hoping the numbness goes for you x x Have they said anything to you about nerve damage? X x

Yes they said initially the nerve was 'bruised' but now they are saying that the nerve was damaged during my surgery.


Sorry to hear that, is there nothing they can do? X x


Hi I'm 3 weeks post lap now. When I first came home I had a totally numb patch on my thigh but it's progressed since then to being more like pins and needles. It feels a bit like a dentist's injection wearing off! My understanding is that various nerves get inflamed and aggravated during a lap and that it should gradually get better. Lots of luck. xx

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Thanks hun, yes mine feels like that so hopefully that's what it is. It's numb, sore to touch and feels painful as well. Will keep fingers crossed it feels better x x good luck to you too x x

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Thank you! Mine seems to be getting more painful so I'm taking it as progress. I'm finding the whole thing is not an easy process and the recovery is pretty frustrating at times. Just got to keep positive and think of the long term!!! xx

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No it's definitely not an easy process! Let's hope over the next weeks we both start to feel better and get the feeling back again.

Take care x x

Oh my gosh... I had this and still get it now after my op a year ago! It keeps awake at night some nights because it just numb n tingly. Doctors say it was nerve damage. It went away for a while. Started taking cerezette and its come back! It's so annoying!!! X

It's horrible, I keep getting an itch there but can't scratch it because it's numb and its painful too. Also have a prolapse disc in my back the same side which is not helping!! Got doctors again Monday to see what to do x x Take care x x

Yes that's exactly what I get. I visited my doctor 3 times but they wasn't intrested so I've just learnt to live with it. I'll be intrested to know what they tell u. Wish all the best x

Thanks hun and will let you know what they say.x x

Great. Good luck x


I had this too after a lap 5 years ago. I just get it occasionally now like if I am walking fast down the street I get a shot of pins and needles. It did get a lot better for me just a strange sensation every now and then. I really hope you feel better soon x

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Thank you. Sorry to hear you are still getting problems with it now. Take care x x

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