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I've been having issues for just over a year was fobbed off for months with just pain killers, then referred to gyno had ultrasound and internal scan and blood tests, went back and all they know is that I have cysts on both overies, then sent me for CT scan and more blood test to test for CA 125 which I had high levels of, gyno said CT was no clearer then ultrasound, but are saying it maybe endometriosis but are STILL not sure!!! She's now sending me for another blood test to see if levels of CA 125 are still high and another ultrasound to see if cysts have grown. She offered me no stronger painkillers and this pain is taking over my life and has told me she'll only do key hole surgery if I lose 3 stone and has told me to come back in June!!!!! I dunno what to do surely weight shouldn't matter. I'm in agony and none the wiser as to what th cysts are after months! Please any advice would be appriciated xxxx

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  • It certainly could be endometriosis from what you've said. I got fobbed off for years with mine. They basically told me that unless I was actively trying for a baby they weren't going to continue with investigations. I finally got diagnosed at 33. By which time my insides were such a mess it is unlikely I will be able to have children. From my experience losing weight has helped my symptoms by far more than anything else I've tried as from what I've read oestrogen clings to fat in the body and oestrogen is what feeds endo. It may be worth while starting to diet on those grounds alone but you should still be pushing for a laparoscopy in the meantime. Don't allow them to force you to wait as this alone can be detrimental with endometriosis.

  • Thank you very much I am gonna start dieting just to prove the gyno wrong if anything lol

  • The thing is i'm mentioning to you about how losing weight can help your symptoms purely because i wish someone had told me this years ago before i literally tried everything else that did not work. Its not documented nor proven to help - so why on earth you are being forced to do this just to get a diagnostic laproscopy is beyond me! I would get a second opinion or just keep going back until they listen. Good luck. I hope you get answers soon.

  • Thank you so much! Xxx

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