Constant bloating?

Does anyone else get a bout of constant bloating? Where you literally wake up bloated? I assume its a symptom of endo but just want to see if anyone else experiences this? It is so annoying!

Also.. they found my endo on my right side and for the past week my right hip and back have been really painful to the point where it hurts to walk, I imagine the endo has grown back.. does anyone else experience pain in the hip area?

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  • Hi Megvarn,

    Yes I certainly do get constant bloating. So much so that sometime I only have to look at food and my tummy starts to look like I am heavily pregnant. Sadly it is another symptom of endo. As yet I haven't found a fix so I am resigned to live a life where I wear nothing but leggings as everything else is way too uncomfortable.

    As for the pain in your hip I can sympathise with that too. It could well be the endo returning so it may be worth talking to your GP to get other causes ruled out.

    Take care


  • Not just me then! I went to my GP who said it sounds like my endo has grown back. I have a hospital appointment with my consultant on Tuesday - hoping to get another surgery booked if any endo has grown back they can get rid of it then fit the coil in also. Thank you :)

  • No you certainly aren't alone!

    Just out of interest are you seeing a general Gynae for treatment? I have been down this route before and although they gave me a lap I have since learnt from a lady called Lindle on here that the best treatment will come form a certified endo clinic. There are a few dotted about the UK (if that is where you are based) and they specialise in treating and removing endo. They use a different technique during surgery and rather than just lasering off the top layer as you get with a general gynae surgeon they are better equipt to give you much better results. May be worth looking in to. When my symptoms returned last year asked for a referral from my GP as I have symptoms that suggest it is on the bowel which is harder to remove than if it is on the ovaries etc. During my consultation they seemed much more knowledgeable than my gynae was about the condition and treatments that may help. They also rushed me through for an MRI in the hopes that they might be able to identify the extent of the damage. I am still waiting on results but feel positive that my health is in good hands.

    Good luck with it all. I hope you get sorted soon.


  • Thank you. I think what I'm going to do is go to my appointment on Tuesday, push for another operation and hopefully get that booked then I can get that out the way and have the coil fitted then I think I will go back to my GP and ask to be refereed to a specialist so they can help me properly!!

  • Yes yes and yes. The bloating is embarrassing as much as it is painful and nothing seems to help. As for surgery, a specialist is key. They need to cut out the endo instead of laser burning it so it doesn't return.

  • I'm afraid l can't add any advice but also get constant painful bloating, l have asked before if anyone knew of anything that helps but unfortunately did not get much of a response at the time. If you or anyone else find a remedy to ease it, please let me know! Xx

  • Yes to both. I find that a hot water bottle helps ease both the bloating and the pain. I also have IBS meds (docs throw everything at me!) and on occasion when I've taken them before food I've not bloated as much so that may be worth a try? Good luck and please share what does work :-)

  • Hi, I am constantly bloated - I do find that if I keep away from bread etc it eases somewhat. I am in constant pain around my hips and sometimes it's excruciating which is a pain when I am on my feet all day for my job. Have you tried peppermint? That helps too and I find fennel is helpful - you can get fennel tea from health shops. I am glad I'm not the only one with hip pain. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Peppermint tea is a godsend!

  • There's also Colpermin which the Endo nurse recommended to me, as well as peppermint cordial which I find helps

  • Cutting down caffeine has helped me, green and peppermint tea mixed together takes some of the yuck away from the green tea!

  • I am trying to cut down caffeine. I have stopped drinking milk and having sugar with my coffee and that's helped. I don't really mind the taste of Green tea! 😊☕️

  • Hi,

    I get this really bad too and I recently spoke to my doctor about it and she said to take gluten, onion and garlic out of your diet for a whole month and then add each one back in to see which if any or maybe even all are causing the bloating. Bloating is a sign on endo but is made worse by usually gluten, garlic and/or onion. I'm only into my 3rd day so can't say how it's helped but anythings worth a try :)

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